Early today I planned a post on history! However I got sidelined with a documentary that told of recent history in a way that I believe could be understood by all, so I made that post a priority! If you didn’t watch that video you can find it Here! I highly suggest it. This post builds on that Documentary!

Now on to My post History(2)!

To understand what, or why, you must first understand the history of the world. To understand world history, one first has to revisit the wars in heaven! That is, after all, what makes the world what it is now, no matter what your faith, or belief system.

So we have all been told the story of the great flood, right?

Most are privy to the story where Satan tried to tempt Christ Jesus! (Paraphrased) Jesus told Satin that he knew better than what Satan told him! Basically he told Satan that he could not tempt God, because God knows all things.

Jesus had an experience, that few today can recall having in their lifetime! He had all knowledge from the beginning, therefore could not be deceived. We have much less understanding, because we have much less knowledge of events in the past! That knowledge has been taken away by design! We therefore, argue our faith at a tremendous disadvantage!

We ask how people we trusted could do such evil things! This too comes from not knowing as much history as we should absorb! And when we say to ourselves that we don’t have time to study, again, that too, is by design!( we are so caught up in making a living, and worry, that finding out why things are the way they are comes in second place. We just don’t have the energy to find out how we are enslaved) Want to know more? Search the EOs of the year 1933.

So why did Satan loose the battle of deception with Jesus, and how did he try to deceive him?

Well the bible tells us that Jesus is the Word of God (I don’t care what your faith, just bear with me on this!)! What did Satan do? He left out information in his quote to Jesus. In this one story we should take notice, and be determined that we not fail to put on The Whole Armor of God! Yes we learned that Satan exploits people that don’t know the Word of God in entirety.

When I learned The Tibetan Monks have told Us our little book we call the bible, has had over 700 books removed! I start questioning what I know about the bible! how about You?

In the Catacombs under our feet! I use the word catacombs, because we have an understanding of such tunnels and rooms used by early Christians to hide from the same things we are fighting today! But more to the point, these Catacombs extend around the world and are being taken out by the Alliance Militaries around the world as we speak! These tunnels and cities called D.U.M.B.S, have been used for unspeakable things, many things that nightmares are made of. Some I will speculate about in future posts. If you don’t know about these underground structures, it is time to do some research, and I leave you to do that on your own, That is until I do some speculation. At that time I will revisit the nightmares that have taken a long time to bury in my subconscious. I only thank God I didn’t have to live those conditions.

What is of particular interest to us in this post, is the fact that the Vatican has these catacombs underneath it. One of these tunnels, is roughly 1500 miles long. Even more interesting, is while the military was cleaning out tunnels, in that location, the first roughly 150 miles of that 1500 mile direct link to Israel, were stacks of Gold, Artifacts, and hidden scriptures, those books do not appear in the current bible (I know!, but who really chose to keep these scriptures out of view?). This discovery adds value to the claim of the Tibetan Monks.

We have at our disposal, ancient sanscript and other accounts of historic events on record. The much shortened book of the bible, is not the only account of history available to those seeking the truth! I submit this truth to you, as a fellow Christian.

Is the true Bible, the canonized book we study? or is the Tibetan Monks Bible (the uncensored Bible)?

In this day, what we see as evil includes censorship of thought, and speech! More so, we have found the reasons for censorship, more nefarious than anything we have seen in history. What has lead to this day in history? A campaign against truth from the beginning of humanity, on planet earth!, and by whom it was preformed.

When we research we find that the father of darkness, is the father of lies. We also find that everything that we have learned, has had an opportunity built in, to deceive, and dare I say, has been exploited.

When I am told the book, we in the west, called the bible should be capitalized. I must say in clear conscience, I can not! For the simple reason, that a condensed version of anything (Canonized or not), is not the whole of it! AND the Lord of all Creation said put on the whole Armor of God! Dispute if you will, but if you don’t research, you are standing on a hollow platform.

I have little to be afraid of!

Learn more! Telegram channels and searches for key words, will teach you all you need to know. Are You being lied to? Although I have been set free, I look forward to meeting all those of all nations, and all Faiths, that too, have been freed of the bondage imposed by lies on the whole of Us.

May the God of all Creation, The Source of All being, fill Your hearts with Joy!