To all Businesses, Government Employees, Medical staff, that are involved in the eugenics movement mislabeled as a pandemic.

We the Pure Bloods of the World, will not rest till all perpetrators, as lined out in the Nuremberg Code of 1947 have been arrested, and hung, for the crimes they are committing on the population of the world.

Nuremberg Code

At the time of this writing 9 of the worlds countries high courts have declared a Covid-19 virus does not exist. Only a Bio weapon under the name of Covid-19 does exist, and it is patented, making any action to enforce mandates concerning it a crime against humanity. Your involvement in this atrocity is a crime under the Nuremberg code, and it will be reported.

Covid-19 does not exist!

For those wanting to display notice on your person copy the following QR code and wear it proudly!