As you listen to and watch the below videos, Where the FDA are determining what should be done about the 3rd booster, it is important to remember Two important facts.

One: You can’t test for any virus that has not been “isolated”. Why? Because you need a reference to compare to for test results. The PCR test was calibrated using a flue virus. Why then did the flue disappear last year? Follow the “Science”!!

Two: The Sars Cov-2 Virus has never been “Isolated”. What are the implication to discuss here? If the original virus has never been “isolated” How can you isolate and define a variant?

The problem we are having with all of this is how can you make a “Non-Vaccines” to combat a Virus that no one has ever found/isolated? Ok the Non-vaccine is a name given to the Jab, and I do like it.

Enough all ready!!! Let’s get on with the videos

Results of FDA meetings

The complete meeting

If by chance you are asking why do we care? I ask WHY DON’T YOU!

If you need more proof of what is going on follow this link. There is not been a better indicator than those in jobs that take care of the deaths. Think “whistle blowers”.