So if you haven’t figured it out yet! Then you must be a zombie! It has been a long time sense your vote was counted properly, or at all! Few if any of the Presidents or elected officials of the world were put in power by the peoples vote. Rather my friend, those people were placed!!! By the world bankers to do their bidding. This has been done everywhere in the world!

However the White Hat Millitary Alliance is cleansing the filth from the world, and you can do your part!

  • Make this letter known to your friends (Spread the word).
  • VOTE! by sending two simple letters.
  • One to SCOTIS supporting the case #22-380 explains the process.
  • Letter that you will send.
  • One to The Brunsons.

Juan has his opinion I have mine!

When the fed was formed illegally, The dollar was introduced fresh off the press. The minute it hit the american citizens hands, that note was worth 99 cents in buying power due to the fractional banking system set up by the FED. Every time that dollar was collected for redistribution it lost value (The term is inflation). The details are complex and to deep for this post, however. . .

The calculation for the USD today sets the value at $.01 or less! in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The value in in the rest of the world however is “0”, thats right I didn’t make a mistake! The USD is not traded in any other country anymore, and that is why the country is failing! You can blame those in power, as they serve the World Bankers, not the people of the US.

It is this knowledge that has Me thinking differently than Juan, though I know he is just appealing to those that have not pondered this truth, so he is forgiven!

So Juan has suggested you place a dollar in with the letter to the Brunson brothers! I feel quite differently however. To send a dollar in value to the Brunsons, would be to send a 100 dollar bill to them. I feel most are struggling to buy food, so that is not my suggestion, However, If I want to send my two cents to the SCOTUS, and the Brunsons, It would require I send at least two USD to the Brunsons as the value is only $.01 each, and I want them to get the true meaning of my message. I will send two dollars, (or two cents) or more! as a statement of my appreciation for the burden they have taken on for my family and the world with their own dime!

What else can you do!

If you have been following the Anons for a while, you have likely started looking for clues. Juan has in his talk about this, indicated that “WE” will be counting the letters! If you want this S*#t show to end, your VOTE(sending in the letters) will count! Everyone in the world is, has, a reason to vote in this! I have determined that this act is going to tell the White Hats the current state of opinion in the world! Many people are unaware of this letter and the difference it could make! Spread the Word!

It should come as no surprise that I have participated in a tin hat event, to encourage people not to take the kill shot! I feel this to be even more important than that event! If we want this to end, it is time to take action! I believe that all will work out, even without our participation, however I believe this will help the White Hats determine the all important timing.

I am going to hit the streets again! This time I will carry a sign that says on one side “VOTE 2022 HERE NOW” on the other it will say “ASK ME HOW”. I will have printed up 1000 copies of the above letter to hand out, as well as one that has an addendum with addresses and the instructions. This time I will have on a yellow vest(if I can find one) to let the world know I do this in solidarity with all protesters around the world!

I hope I will not be alone!!!!


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