We are getting request for notification when we post so people can read the post when we post.

We don’t subscribe to a mail service. Putting you on a E-mail list can cause legal issues if we didn’t. We have looked into this question and have an answer for those asking to be put on a list.

The reason we have chosen not to use a mail service is we are not marketers and all costs are on our dime. Each service we get comes out of our already slim, short, sometimes holey pockets.

We wouldn’t have it any other way! We don’t want to bother people with requests for donations or any such thing. This mean you can get the message without the add.

On to the subject of this page!

We use the WordPress blogging platform for this website/blog. The platform supports RSS feeds so we looked into how you can use RSS feeds.

  • download or install an RSS feed aggregator
  • Then put your favorite websites like ours (http://truthscan.phpwebhosting.com )
  • The feed aggregator is like any other app or program you use on your computer or phone. Simply click on the icon and choose the site address you want to view.

Below is a simple demo to help you.