Some would say Our freedoms were given by the constitution of the U.S.A.

We will argue as will many others

The Constitution simply declares the rights given man, by our Creator in Heaven. As a free soul we can submit to others, or we can declare our birth right given of God.

Sounds simple, however once in the system we must take steps to re-declare our status as free.

Let me ask you, Do you know your straw-man?

Maybe that’s to much. Do you know what a straw-man is?

Well no matter, if you don’t you may want to watch this short video.

OK! Now that I have helped introduce you to your counterpart, you are likely very confused. You can go on your marry way, or you can dig a little deeper.

Each banner add on this site will feed you more very valuable information about what has been stolen from you, or better said embezzled from you.

If you are short on time a few videos should do the job of convincing you what is wrong in the world today. If you are ready to regain your birth right under God and you are tired of understanding(standing under) to a government that was never put in place to dictate what you should have to do. Then follow me into the biggest rabbit hole you will ever dive into. There is really nothing more important in this crazy world for you, right this moment! Really, If you have young ones, This is the best thing you can teach them right now! For their future, and their future prosperity!

I promise! You will have the knowledge to be free from dictates that have ruled you from the time you were born!

So here we go, buckle up!

The above links are for your amusement, and learning! I believe that research proves claim. As always I am not qualified to give advice. I simply open your mind by sharing what I believe by offering references that directed me on my path. You will find on the following Link the most comprehensive database on the subject of becoming a “free man”. After all the years of being a slave and not knowing truth, study is the only way to move forward.

Look on the above link to find a national assembly in your county. If there isn’t one than group other people and form one for your county. Yes a form is available on Ann’s website to guide you in the endeavor.

I understand Anne Vandersteel on the Is involved with national information as well as most of the Truthers on the “web of honest people”.

You can hear people talking about being a national around the world. Here is a small list:

  • Charlie Ward
  • Simon parkes
  • Mel K

are just a few that I follow.