Are we a Republic, Democracy, Dictatorship?

What is the difference?

A Republic is a country where Men and Woman are equal with God and Therefore have Common rights. By the constitution we ( a republic) have living People who can only commit a crime by harming another Living Person. Preemptive actions are not a part of such system.

A Democracy is a country that Through One vote for each person elected officials are put in office to manage the government. It should be noted that Our government is to rule under the Constitution not over it. Laws written against the constitution are illegal. We as a people should strongly object. Matter of fact if we let these illegal laws stand we have thus broken the law as the constitution is written.

A dictatorship is run by leaders that at their whim make decrees that are enforced as if they were laws, without due process. We are seeing this kind of government at this time by a dictator that was placed in office rather than voted in. Without revamping our election system, This will in fact be the new normal.

This is our call to action!

Make the law makers install laws that require either hand counts or systems that are open source open to be audited in all future voting.

Making cheating in elections a capitol offence managed by our military courts not the civilian courts in all future elections.

We need all 50 states to complete a complete Forensic audit. It is all about a vote that reflects the true vote of the people. Our democracy depends on a majority rule, not the minority feeling they should get their way at all costs.

Any and all mandates should stand the constitution test. If it doesn’t The writer of such law/mandate is guilty of Treason, and should receive corporal punishment, with no exceptions.

Any law maker that chooses to cover up or not enforce the constitution should be looked at as a co-conspirator, receiving the same sentence.

We at truth scan want you to know, the time for lip service, and sitting in your comfy sofa has passed. If you don’t push back now. If you don’t stand up for your constitutional rights as a living man. If you don’t let your voice be heard, You will be dead or a slave for the rest of your life. Your children will not have a choice to change things, This is the time. Print out the QR code to make your voice heard about correcting the voting system and an audit, and wear it proudly. Only the visible will be seen. only the visible will be counted. It is your job and responsibility to take back our country from the dictators that want to take your freedom.

There is no location that tells you you can’t wear a shirt, fact is some places require one. Iron on transfers will keep the protest on no matter where you go. Stand Up America, Stand Up!!!