If you haven’t seen inflation above the official numbers, maybe your not alive, check your pulse immediately!! If you have noticed the costs keep rising then you are likely to be wondering what you can do to keep your own world under control and not be getting closer to poverty level.

Or you may be wondering if you will be able to buy propane this winter, because your already eating fingernails for dinner. Many places around the world have had big adjustments in fiat that have made quotes a thing of the past.

To be helpful I am passing on some information that may help you navigate our future. Further posts may be made in the future as I am starting to prepare myself for the future “Land of Less than Needed!!!

To start with I have more than 100 pages open in my Brave browser. All the pages have been opened because I found them using the “duck duck go” search engine. I have vetted all my sources. Further I don’t reject information because I don’t agree with their political agenda.

Why? because I am searching for the truth, and the best way to navigate the future. To be honest, I would be brain dead if I felt I could not get good information from someone with a differing opinion, I only need to discern truth from fiction, by doing my research.

To start this discussion I will link here. I hope you will consider joining this effort to keep your buying power before you can’t afford to eat out, without paying ahead of time.


This site is not monetized, It’s only purpose is to spread My love for my fellow man. Wealth comes in many ways, but there is no greater wealth than the wealth one has inside from spreading truth, and light. Accept my efforts and if you want to help, consider buying from the people whom I have linked to, for the research they have done.