You all know, almost from the beginning Trump said it was going to be Biblical!

I have watched everyone, preppers, to hard core patriot types, ready to come in and save us with guns blazing, convert to, well, what they would have originally thought weak! But God’s army re-attaches ears on sword toting solders (biblical reference).

What has happened though is these “patriot types”, have miraculously changed, yes changed to a group of protesters that party in the streets, helping those in need around the world. Chanting in countries around the world. To J6 protesters, as well as all protesters around the world, willing to go forward against Tyrants like sheep, to be martyrs for their fellow man, and what they believe in.

So Yes! I do believe what is coming will be Biblical!

This post however, is not about what is coming. No, it is about what I have been asked by too many people. “What am I supposed to do?” Be assured If you have asked that question, you are not alone. I recently listened to a video, where the person may have misinterpreted that question.

It was assumed by this personality, the question was one of weakness, rather than what I am hearing! What I am asked should rather be asked “What can I do?”, or “What am I supposed to be doing?”.

What Should I Be Doing?

So Your getting ready for a Biblical event! You may be one of those people that was brought up in a religion, but you were only taught a little about these events. I can’t speak for you, or what you have been taught. I think you would agree that your spiritual walk is a personal thing. If you don’t believe this, then that may be why you need the question answered for you! But your walk is a personal thing!

It is said that our world is of our own making (collectively). Some, or many say we live in a Matrix that is sustained in what is called the 3rd dimension. Some people are wildly successful, while others aren’t, that further demonstrates the concept that we make our own world! even in the Matrix!

No matter how we have made our personal world, all have felt there was something more waiting for us! Enter “faith is belief in that, that is not seen!” or put another way, a world (5D), that is outside the Matrix! That is, at a frequency our 3D bodies can’t see or feel! For the sake of clarity, “A new Earth!”

If indeed, We live in a world of our own making!

The Matrix! When we ask for a different world, It is only one request away! For your faith teaches, “Ask and You shall receive!”. So is our calling that simple?

Well! not exactly! We must have faith in what we ask for, for it to be given!

All real truthers are telling you to “Go within”, What does that mean? As simple as I can, that means if your soul is not right with the Higher frequency, you will not transition to that frequency. The New World, will be achievable by those seeking to transition their ways. We have listened to the statement, “It’s going to be Biblical!” but many have failed to innerstand/overstand that statement, to be literal. Evil will not enter into the other side of the vale! You are loved and wanted on the other side, but your path is Personal. The battle is over! The victory won! It makes no sense to show up ready to fight, an hour after the game has ended! and so it is with this battle! The spoils of the war have been offered to you! You simply have to go within and prepare Your soul to receive them! Now comes the question of how do I do this!

Go Within!

  • Start by searching Q commands and do them.
  • Meditate (it is said that to Pray is to talk to God, to Meditate is to listen).
  • Search your soul! (are all your actions out of Love?) time to change!

Your teachings have taught you it is hard to walk with God! But the Christ said the burden of God is light! Many might think that the above list of three things, are over simplified, I tell you that is all there is! I will add this simple statement. If you are thinking, and talking, you are not listening,to what the spirit is saying! Love comes from the heart not the mind!

In closing consider this. If you are still thinking how you will fit into the 3D world, you are still in the Matrix, it is time to move in frequency toward the 5D world, and imagine how you want the world to be!

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