To start with, If you smell smoke your inhaling viruses, That’s just science. Download this chart and discussion to understand what I am talking about. Further more according to the chart any expelled germs you exhale will remain in the confines of the mask. As such the humidity and heat within the mask turn it into a germ culture, Think Petri dish.

When we talk about experimental or EUAs we get into international treaties. Specifically the Nuremberg code. That prohibits coercion of potential subjects of the experiment. It is our understanding that the insert for the vials reads “This page left intentionally blank” by that declaration everybody involved with administering “The Jab” is guilty of crimes against humanity. Not to leave anyone out, Those pushing the Jab are also guilty.

The following link connects you to the Stop world control website On it you will find more information about what is happening than most care to find out. You will find Simone Golds conference that is a great resource for understanding. She leads over 600 doctors in a fight against what is happening as well as the reason she got involved. You will find protocols that have been keeping people safe from the beginning. YES they have had protocols that have had great success from the very beginning. EUAs were never needed. Another page is needed to clairify and pronounce these facts we provide. We need one more eye witness account, to hammer in the truth as it were.

I don’t pretend to understand sick minds Evil minds, thus my refusal to expound on why this is going on. To the point, I don’t understand the reasons but This site is my effort to correct the wrongs by pushing back in my own way. If you feel the need to join me then go back to thechange the world page on this site and download the QR code, and tape, transfer with Iron on transfer medium, or have a Tee made with the code, and wear it where ever you go.

I have changed my recommendation for Tee’s. I have found the best way to share is making business cards from the graphic as they don’t stretch as Tee’s do.

Addendum for Sept. 17, 2021: