Why do I know, what you do not?

Are you still Googling for information? You might try Duck Duck Go search, as of this day they are not censoring search information, but Google is. I quit using Google for search months ago.

It seems good to the top of the food chain to program you into moving off content that might have useful information. They call it political, or miss information, and if you have been programmed well, you will only listen to what they want you to see and hear.


Those wise people that question everything get what I am saying. Not only do they get what I am saying they search all medium till everything makes sense. They research even if the content makes them feel uncomfortable. They are INFORMED!

If you made it this far I congratulate you. No Doubt you already are one of the informed individuals seeking more info. I will consider you new to the search so my content should help you on your way.

About the Jab!

  • If you can’t isolate a virus, you can’t make a jab for it.
  • If you can’t isolate it, you can’t test for it.
  • If you can’t isolate it, you can’t declare a variant because the first virus was never able to be defined.
  • If you can’t isolate a virus, you can’t switch up to a more reliable test that can differentiate between the flue and what you never found.

Have they isolated the virus? No the number of cases in the courts have all asked for proof the virus is real. None of the agencies have delivered proof for sars-cov-2 even though they have been given almost 2 years to do so. The great Anthony knowing this, continues to lie and has been discredited with the scientific facts.

Is the Jab safe? Well that is up to you to decide for yourself. to help you I send you on a little search THE DATA As you come back you must understand what that data signifies HOW ACCURATE IS THE DATA

This data is quite honestly hard to understand. Our psyche just won’t let us believe that this continues. I will only send you to one more place, but before I do think on this. The people of Germany could not believe what happened there during the Hitler regime.

Now for a disturbing video Even If you didn’t want to agree with the numbers in “how accurate is the data”, it is hard to argue with an insiders view.