As I was contemplating a Post on world history, my daily routine following my many sources, became an urgent post of it’s own.

The MP-22 idea is a very good idea indeed. However the road blocks from the media has hampered the effort. Just to see how they are doing I typed in the URL to check in. What I found was the site still has no server, a cause known by Internet developers that something is yet not complete or funded.

Much like all documentaries this one has information that doesn’t keep up with the speed of the Internet. What I found was the impact of this document is much more powerful, than up to date information, and a much watch!

The documentary is here.

If you have not understood what is going on, this simple documentary is for you!

You will soon see another post called History(2) on this site! Keep coming back for more of the history important to humanity!



I have edited this post to include a printable image of our card dedicated to this post! below is that image..