You have nothing to fear but!!!!!!!!

To keep with disclosure P present this little “truth” By the very important Anthony Fauci in 2008.

I would like to remind you of this.

To start with, If you smell smoke your inhaling viruses, That’s just science. “Download“ this chart and discussion to understand what I am talking about. Further more according to the chart any expelled germs you exhale will remain in the confines of the mask. As such the humidity and heat within the mask turn it into a germ culture multiplier.

The CDC guide lines are from the lips of the great man Anthony. according to international code he is now guilty of crimes against humanity for his part in the great medical cover up of all time.

But let’s forget about who did what or when, because there are two many in authority that are trying to literally kill you. We need to push back! Just go back to “change the world” download the QR code and print it on paper or iron on transfer and display it proudly as you walk from place to place, or shopping in the store. Also sending a link to this site will help others join in.