Here is the thing. I believe we can and must define our future against the evil that has set itself against us. I also believe that without studying our enemies tactics we are not fit to defend ourselves against them. I also believe that this world war, is like the others before it, in that it is evil against God. We must be ready to fight or

wait for it!

wait for it!

wait for it!

wait for it!

well! while you were waiting did anything happen?

of course not. But valuable time has passed while you were waiting. I am not suggesting violent actions on your part, this is a war of information. So the call for action is to

  1. Seek information.
  2. Spread information.
  3. Make sure others see the number of people who are fighting this war.

That is why I am making QR codes for many of my pages. Cards are cheap and the more people handing them out the more people who are actively being seen.

I can tell you that many of the people who are known for their stand are fighting off depression and anger as they see the results of the war and the death shot. Some of those I follow are like rocks for our future, others on occasion break to their emotional stresses.

Up front I tell you that I don’t wonder about their fight just because they occasionally show they are human, and are affected by what is going on.

Below is a video that explains things quite well to the educated sole. What I mean by educated, I talk about those that are awake to what is happening, and have been following for a while (Those soles are educated). I had someone express the frustration with the division among those who only a year ago could talk about anything. So this talk by Dr. Zelenko is about those that have made choices in fear. They have left the fear behind thinking they are now safe. Talking about the subject that brought fear upon them, returns fear to them, and they become defensive once again. What a sorry state of affairs we now live with.

Like I have said, To fight this war we must first understand our enemy. So buckle up, sit down, and watch the show. Dr Zelenko has been in this fight for a while so knows from where he speaks. How has the world become divided? Dr Zelenko has the answer, and more.

Our next Warrior has been facing many people who have become awake to late in the game. His following, like mine come to me for info and advice. I can say that I am a small piece of sand in the cogs that are turning, in comparison to Clif High. His data mining and astute mind brought to his mind something was wrong a long time ago. How long? I don’t know, but I respect him and his information. His views are different than many I follow, but good information needs to be verified, and he is one of my sources.

Without wasting any more of your time with introduction. I lead you to Clif High’s Woo Up! What he says is hard to swallow but we need to look at it.