I have tried to tell those I know, that all we have ever known, is a Lie! I even apologized to my child for all the lies I instilled in her as she grew up!

I will get to that thought a little later. Right now I would like to tell you about the illusion that is crumbling all around us. For those of us that see it (for those that have trouble understanding it), I hope to shed some light on the subject.

Bruce Lee is quoted as saying ” don’t talk badly about yourself, even if your kidding. Your body doesn’t know the difference!”. His comment comes from years in training, in the discipline of martial arts. In religions, we are told to ask and you will receive! And those with no hope say when this rodeo is over, “nothing”, they don’t believe in a future after what they can see with their eyes. One thing is sure! if you believe, your efforts will produce rewards, those things you believed you will have, you have surrounded yourself with them, no matter your faith, or belief system!!!

This is an example of this concept:

Three groups exist in this example, I will talk about two of them. One of the two groups, the participants said, “They are going to make me take the shot!”. While the other group said, “They won’t make me take the shot!”

The first group declared they would take the shot! Analyze the statement, and realize words are powerful! The other group also made a statement, and that group still has not been violated! For the record all three groups are suffering, but how they suffer varies.

The conclusion of this example is:

If you declare your intentions (what you want), you will be given what you have stated you would receive! The Christ said “ask and you shall receive”, a very accurate statement, one that comes with the knowledge of the Universe!(all creation).

Faith, although not the reason for this article, can not be ignored. The truth is! both light, and dark, know the laws laid down for the universe, and don’t fight them. Rather they make their plans within those laws because it is futile to do otherwise. That said, laws have been broken. the law of sovereignty has been broken. Those that violate this law, are known as the dark forces in the universe.

We are witnessing the destruction of these dark forces, with the system that has been used to take our sovereignty away from us! It is important to grasp what is happening, to enable ourselves to be free from the bonds that are binding us!

Here we go!

  • If you know that a US dollar is worth less than a piece of toilet paper. You must know that money is an illusion!
  • If you see the illusion for what it is, how does it work?
  • What is the illusion for?
  • If money is an illusion, can we get rid of it and continue without suffering?

The answer is, our entire economy, world wide, is an illusion, and we are learning about it, with what is going on in the world today! The Alliance will implement a new system that is designed to teach us the way forward! Based on an economy of love and caring. No more money grabs, no more theft, no more money woes, no more violation of our privacy!

You will work a job that makes your heart sing! You will help your neighbor, because you see them struggle, all without expectation of reward, you will help because it makes you happy! Money will not be an issue because you will have all you need and more! (not talking money here, you will have all you need, or want).

This is not a fantasy, as some believe. No this is how it was intended before the fall of mankind! The illusion is failing (Babylon is falling), and we will learn about their plans to enslave humanity, and why they did it very soon!!

Your walk starts with speaking what you want, and silencing those thoughts that condemn you (for what comes out of your mouth is what condemns you) paraphrased from the Words of God. it is therefore important that you speak kind words to others, words of hope for yourself, and speak joy, for all that has been given you! Do works of Love for all, without condemnation, for all that is done in Love manifests! While judgement rots to your core!

It is truly said that those that work, are rewarded! If you are waiting for the QFS, the GCR, or simply put, hope! It is time to manifest your hope by making it happen. Work Love, Turn from hate, Labor to help others, and give freely knowing all things come from The Source of All things, without an end or limit.

We must learn about God’s economy, and ways. The new system is designed to do just that, and it is right around the corner!


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