So as I look back, I realize I have an expanded path. The idea of Bar codes and QR codes are almost repugnant to me now! But the journey is important to remember.

Why QR codes?

Well the idea was much like when two Christians met in years gone by. as they moved their feet in the dirt the two would form a fish image so they would know the others intentions, and avoid detection from the evil Romans. The reasoning originally was to make iron on transfers for tee’s, but I couldn’t get them to work reliably. Cards worked so that was the direction I went. little did I overstand the nefarious uses planned for the QR code!

I have felt something wrong in the world for quite some time. Proof can be had by the number of years my family dismissed my opinions and belittled me. But the real wake up call was, as it was for many, the “Plandemic”, That is what got me going!

So this site was made to help others realize the numbers, and fear, was made up of lies. Like so many in this movement, we “conspiracy researchers” have grown past the plandemic, the politics, the disasters, to a place of spiritual standing! We see events happening around us that are straight from Revelations, and the book of Daniel.

It should be noted that the Cabal’s, one biggest mistake, was the death shot! What they wanted was to destroy our ability to connect with the Creator, What they got was a stronger connection! Their plans for Us, were bound to fail, but they amassed their armies to war with God and his people! “That is Biblical”, but large numbers will have to be in the middle of a falling Babylon to wake up!

Look around!

If You are one of those that see just another economic adjustment, You have been conditioned intentionally, not to see what is going on! Look deeper!

If You don’t see the intentional Demacide the plandemic staged! You have been conditioned to ignore. Allow Your eyes to be opened!

The saying “Let those with ears to hear, hear, and eyes to see, see”, Is a Biblical quote, and referred to this time. The website is for those that want to grow, to turn inward and grow in the spirit. I highly recommend that you start your search within, The time is short!

So if you spent any time in a church that talked about the end times, You likely got told about the new earth and the birthing pains of the earth as the time neared, right? If not, we are talking about “Rapture, and Ascension”. Be warned! what you were taught may likely be wrong!

I am telling you! Yes there is a New Earth coming! Yes there is coming a Rapture, as well as an Ascension! Yes we are in those last days, just as we are seeing the collapse of Babylon starting with the banks world wide! ( if You are only seeing the US, You are not seeing the whole picture).

Know this! Satan is amassing his army, to war against the Creator and his! Don’t fall for Satan’s Central Bank Digital Currency!!! Free yourself from the Matrix! The QFS is around the corner, and he would love for you to give up your freedom FOREVER!

You must get this one thing, if you don’t get anything else! We are not in a battle to save the world as we know it! We are in a battle to save all creation as we know it! Creator God always wins, so the outcome is known. The real question is who’s world You will be in! It’s time folks!

I have had years waking up! You may only be getting started! I have been trying to convey what I know, but I also know I fall short! That said, I pass on this link. Although I watched the complete video, and recommend it, the info-graphic at the end of the video is worth pausing the video, to study and learn!!!

Correction/edit: in the above rumble link is false information on a QFS ledger. Judy corrected the error and apologized. You will find that in the report for 31623 today. that ledger is a scam!!!

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