Following are those things I am pondering!

  • Movie
  • Popcorn
  • Military is the only way!
  • We are fighting for freedom, because, the Civilians allowed this to happen!
  • We are waiting for the people to act!
  • Why are people still sleeping?

I joined quite a while ago! I listened to Simon Parkes for longer, I joined his connecting consciousness, as well. I listened first to Natural ! I can declare that Mike Adams likely saved my life, because of his wonderful research. Indiscriminately I have watched most truther video casts, and podcasts!

Because of the way the news casters treated the news of Trumps win in 2020! (though I didn’t follow politics at the time), I quit watching most TV broadcasts, and, all TV news. I am not bragging, I was just deeply offended by MSM’s actions!

As a result the MSM didn’t have my mind to play with. When the news about CV-19 came out! I was never tested, nor did I get the death Jab! Shortly before the news of CV-19 I got deathly sick, my assumption was I got infected with a virus from mice known as Hantavirus, as I was cleaning a mouse infestation the previous week. No cure was known, at least published on the web, and many sites said as much, so the job to heal was in my hands.

I found more options on Natural news, than any other place. Mike was talking to a lot of medical professionals about health and Covid at the time, so for a respiratory ailment, I tried everything that came out! The end story? I am still here!!!

Mike may not know it but he brought me into the fold of the truther movement! By the time the 2020 election came around I was pretty much up to speed! Had I not been sick with a respiratory ailment, it is likely I would not have seen the steel, or the plan of the pandemic unfold! Plain and simple, I understand how so many were duped, both in believing the election was not rigged, and into the death shot! I dodged the bullet!!! and many truthers are responsible for that.

Now let’s get to the meat, OK?

Many people are asleep because, unlike me, they didn’t have “a near death experienceas I did! I get that! All people come in their time! Truly the hardest part for me on this journey has been understanding what I was supposed to DO!

I have watched many a Truther come to a spiritual awakening during this journey! I changed the channel from Mike Adams because he spent to much time talking about his arsenal, but Mike is no longer that person! This is true about other Truthers I have followed as well!

There is a Movie with Billy Crystal called City Slickers. Billy got told by the ranch hand, there was only one thing that makes people happy! When asked, by Billy, what that one thing was, the wise old ranch hand said, it’s different for everyone.

In the Matrix we are told, We live in a movie set! It is only as real as we accept it to be! For someone just waking up, that is hard to believe! For those that have an understanding of what is, and are not focused on the movie around them, they are reaching for their popcorn!!! They know the lie has had it’s run, it’s time is up!

This is harsh, but, if you are offended by the “grab a bag of popcorn, enjoy the show”, it may be, you have not found what you are supposed to do yet! Or are focused on only one thing, rather than the whole thing!(You may be distracted from the goal).

The Military is the only way!

To be honest, the military has a long history of liberating the people! I can think of no other way! However for those in the military, we know you were not always military! You have stood up to free the world, but, only after you served your part as a citizen first. It is a debt we will feel is never repaid, I believe for the first time in all history, Your effort, and sacrifice, will be remembered for what it is! We all solute you!

As you move forward remember we are all responsible, and equal in our parts! Without knowing, we all stood by, and let this mess happen.

What should we do?

As I said before. Most of the Truther movement have looked to Source, the Creator of all things, for answers. No matter what you have been taught, no matter where you turned to learn! If you were told that God will force you into service in any way. It is time to question those teachings. The Universe lives by a law that states you must ask to receive. Why? because it is against the universal law, to do anything without an invitation to do it! It is part of what defines good, from evil!

Just like Simon Parkes turned me on to LWS, LWS turned me on to ! Ron introduced the chat to Q, and soon someone introduced us to

Now Ron’s unintended result of closing the chat for the Thanksgiving break, sent me into the arms of Q introduced us to commands to help us in our quest to move forward, Those commands we refer to as “Q commands” available on the for mentioned website.

If you want to DO SOMTHING! it has always been good to know you are on the right side! Not only can you put your heart into what you are doing because you know it is right, but because your heart will be into it! Nothing is stronger than Love energy!

To be clear! if you don’t ask, you will not receive from the true Source of all! If you are receiving without asking it is likely bad! because it came to you “outside” of the Law of the Universe! GOT IT!!

The methods for commands is simple! Ask three times, and solidify the request! You can learn more at for the people under the drop down Q (arrow to the right). I learned much by reading the complete website, over the last week, I highly recommend it!!!

Three commands that I could not do without!

  • I command my spirit to drop my thoughts from my mind to my heart, now!
  • I command Source,Creator to fill me with life energy, now!
  • I command Source Creator to destroy actions, and thoughts, that are disingenuous around me, now!

Why are People still Sleeping?

I now have star link internet service. This means that my smart TV is connected to FreeTV! I can now watch ads, and movies, at will!

This is not as good as it would have seemed a couple of years ago. The ads come from sunny California! To me the ads are more disgusting than the shows, and that is saying something!

I have been quite content without that poison in my house, but the EBS will come soon, and when it does, I want to watch what rolls out. Still the answer to the question, “why are people still sleeping”, was answered.

One of the things that disgusts me most, is the governments continual push to kill off the populace! I thought, in my self isolation, that the plandemic had passed, and the people were awake, but I guess I was wrong! They may think if they can just get a few more suckers, I just don’t know the answer.

Another in your face ad comes from little czars. If you are not aware of pizza gate, then the ad may have a different effect then it had on me! Here is the deal! I quit eating pizza, after I found out about the pedo symbolism, it just turns my stomach thinking about it. When an ad references Detroit(that is next to Chicago for those geographically impaired) and claims the pizza is worth 100,000 dollars, Pedogate is almost a sure reference, remember, O’bummer spent a lot of our tax money ordering pizza from Chicago.

To the point: If the pizza company references pizza gate, and really is that unknowing, they need to stop! If they know the reference, they and their campaign manager need to be locked up!

If you don’t see the reference, you need to turn the set off, and do some Q commands!

If you see the reference, You need to preach to someone other than the congregation! The White hats will soon make a move! They want as many people of high frequency as will come! You may be the last one they are waiting to find your way!!!