That to study history was good, because, then you would not repeat past mistakes!

I heard that over, and over, because I hated history! That one class could have easily kept me from a diploma, so it was good that she harped on me about it! My opinion about history stayed the same however, and I skimmed by, by a thread.

Today I know that history written, is published, and influenced, by those in power, and that makes the history books 90% lie, 10% truth. But little did anyone in the 20th century know that what was happening behind the “curtain” was the history we should have been watching unfold!

To be fair to the populace, the truth was not published, and the outcries were silenced, by those with the money! Why? you ask! Because those with the money were behind the crimes being committed! If we had been permitted to see, we would not have gotten to this point! Action had to be taken, or all would be lost! Maybe if We would have known “the Play Book” of the World Bankers, we would not be here today.

Why this Post?

Because it is not about the events of the day, as much as it is about the intended outcome! The magic happens when you are looking someplace else! and yes! with all good intentions I believe our movement to overcome evil, has a tendency to keep us looking elsewhere, rather than the important information, how the events would lead us to an intended outcome! It is with this purpose, I have sent to all people on my address book, and now to you, a history link that will keep you praising our God for sending a group of allies to save us from the evil ones!!! It is time for all to recognize that we have been living under a one world government, and didn’t even see it!!!

I will tell you that I praise God, Creator of all, for sending us Men, and Women, with eyes to see, and hearts to care! With strong enough will to overcome the Evil ones! and a strong enough conviction, to lay down their lives if needed in many cases, to overthrow evil in our Lords creation! I praise God, and the Men, and Women, of the Alliance known as the White Hats, for what they are doing, and have done for humanity!!! When they are done delivering us! We the people of the World, have a responsibility to never forget, To never allow, indeed to purge any evil from among us, and rebuild with all our souls, a world void of slavery of any kind!!!

A warning: This documentary is horrendous! Evil! and a testament of what we must remember, and fight against! I feel if you can pay to watch a horror flick, then you should obligate yourself to watch this documentary! You must know what you are fighting! I believe you can’t fight with your eyes closed, you can not understand an event if you will not look at it!!!

I have been debating within on what link to put first!, but alas I concluded without history, the current state of affairs can not be comprehended. With this conclusion I present the two links in the order I feel best present the viewer with an understanding.

I am one that believes in black or white, I don’t believe where there is light darkness can stand, and, where it is dark there is no light. The two don’t mix and that means gray is an illusion, an ideology designed to promote compromise, that will not stand up to light!

I also believe that hiding from the truth will only compromise your willingness to stand for the truth that counts!

I could repeat myself with many different ways of saying “stand in the light!” But their is no need. No matter what you have been taught about lies, there is a time to stand in the light! Nothing else will do!

Watch the video! read the list! understand what you stand for, and stand up for it with your very being! Remember that fighting evil is done with peaceful efforts in love, not hate! just saying.

May the Lord God Creator, Bless you and keep you!