As you know, My posts are a Readers Digest version of what I have found. the times are far and few where you get to make a post that covers the beginning, middle and end of a story. I truly think I have found such a story!!!

I won’t be feeding you with a bunch of links this time, rather I will send you on a journey! Remember that Hollywood and many computer games were products designed to tell you what “they”, the Cabal, plan for you. With that thought in mind I will give you a search term! Remember that Google is compromised so, maybe better to use duckduckgo for your searches.

Search term: “Caesar Borgia” This is a little history lesson, take your time.

Understanding why we keep seeing the same playbook is important, and the beginning of our story. When you can tell a persons motive, in this case a complete organizations mind set, things will make more sense, so take your time to comprehend what you just read! Also get the meaning of loosh! Your fear, and pain, feeds Satan and his fallen angels! Really! If you don’t believe in the spirit world, that doesn’t matter to them, They do! The longer you don’t believe, the longer they can control you!

The hardest thing for a person with a soul, has to comprehend is how anyone could be so evil, and to top it off, destroy the very environment, and people they desire to control!

It is time to consider how they have done such damage, and what damage they have actually done:

  • in the late 1800’s the first weather manipulation patent was issued. By the time of WW2 Weather warfare was being practiced(not the first time in the worlds history).
    • In conjunction with HARPA, and chemtrails, a false agenda of climate change has been used to drain taxpayer’s pockets, and increase control of the masses. and droughts. Hurricanes and other disasters have been attributed to these programs.
  • Division of the masses via. religion, and political opposition has been an active agenda, and yes, the effort is to do with you what they want!
  • Deprive you of energy! The fuel shortages are manufactured, this keeps you locked in and increases pain, and anger, that feeds the fallen angels.
  • Destroy food production via farming, and food processing plants.
    • Burning fields, burning processing plants, and the stealing of farmers lands.
  • Poisoning of crops via GMO, Glyphosate.
    • Although there are other poisons like Floride, hormones, and other issues with our water.
  • Let’s not forget mRNA death shots!

When it comes to poisons like Glyphosate the testing that has been done tell us that 80% of those people tested have traces of this killer poison in them. The problem is everything on earth that eats products like grains where this poison was used, likely can be poison to you! Enjoy your next meal!

One can wonder how “they” even plan to survive, after they have done such a good Job of destruction to everything we need to survive? It is understood that they plan to reduce the population down to 500 million, and yes they have failed, and their plans will fail! But with the complete food supply and water supply compromised, how did they plan to survive?

The answer is quite simple! Before they started poisoning all the food supply and environment, they did what the survivalists have been doing! They stockpiled all the supplies needed to outlast the damage to our world! “Their plan, their answer.” If you don’t know when they were going to start poisoning everything, then you don’t know whether what your stockpiling is going to be poison free! Because they knew when to quit stockpiling, their supply of food was guaranteed to be safe for the long haul, You may have differing results!

A gold lining in every cloud!

It has been reported that the Alliance has found, and recovered, those supplies that were stored to supply them for the aftermath of their destruction of the world. Those supplies have been tested and proven safe! The biggest news in that recovery effort is the supplies are reported to be enough to supply the world population for 150 years.

When you think about it, it may seem quite dismal! However do your best to prepare for the dark times ahead. Your supplies will only need to last a short while, but you will need to survive till those supplies are made available! I personally have 3 different methods to clean up the water we use! you can use a bone char filter to clean floride from the water. You can also use ozone blubbers to brake down the poison and floride, Another option is distill your water. RO filters and Bone char filters will remove floride. Don’t plan on boiling water to make it safe, and forget the Burkey filter! Grow your own food, remember if you feed your food poison water, and poison crops, you will eat poisoned food!

Be ready to detox! have enough water stored, for a time period as long as you have a place to store it, same with food. These hard times will not last forever, whatever food and water you can store is much better than no food! Do what you can to survive! I look forward to meeting you on the other side!!!

May God Creator bless you!