My question today is not if we need to rebuild, or build new, after Babylon has fallen! That is a no brainer! What is on my mind is, how do we build a new world without the truth? It has been said by people like Charlie Ward, that all we know are lies (paraphrased)! This view has been repeated over and over again, by most of the Truthers out there!

Today I will bring in two more links that will help with the view I am trying to convey! To my shame, I am a person born in the U.S.. Like most people around the world, I have a string firmly anchored in my heart, for my homeland, slamming my homeland is not the reason for this post! Like in all countries around the World, the criminal actions of our leaders, are not a reflection of the people manipulated and controlled by those evil leaders.

My motivation for this post comes from my reflections on this link https:by// By the link name it is obvious what it is about, right? Humm! What is the shame I feel for my countrymen? It took a Canadian who was almost teary eyed for her joy! to explain to a bunch of people in the US population, the joy found in US history for moving forward!

The fault for our ignorance is three fold (and this is my speculation)!

  1. Our teachers don’t know the truth!
  2. The books in our schools don’t have the truth!
  3. or The masses don’t care about their history!

What I do know is the population outside of the US knows our truth, as is proven by what this beautiful soul, in the above video, so elegantly and precisely proves. What I fear most in my writing, is that my fellow countrymen will be the very ones that fail to follow the link above, while the rest of the world that reads my blog, will watch the video! It is my guess, that even if they need to find a friend to interpret the video, my international family of friends will make the effort!

I am sure that every country has the same problem as we have! The people are not the problem! The criminals that run their country are! I am sure that around the world the criminals will be removed in the near future, but then what? Will the people that have found out what has been done, rebuild, or start New?

By now most of the people who have followed my blog, are aware of the QFS. They understand that although QFS stands for Quantum Financial System it is a blanket system covering a myriad of functions.

  • Financial
  • Voting
  • financial security(privacy)
  • Education
  • and other things.

GESARA is what usheres in the QFS requiring the countries that signed on to GESARA to meet a set of standards to participate.

The biggest factor involved in GESARA is compliance to the universal law of sovereignty! Mankind, having lived in a cast system forever, it seems, has a difficult time comprehending sovereignty, or freedom if you will. The effort to control has been built into everything, and every institution, we have been exposed to, as far back as history has been recorded. It is fair to say those teachings will lead to the rejection of truth, when it arrives, to the detriment of those who reject those truths!

In my studies, no matter the religion, the body dies, but the soul lives! The division in the belief systems, comes with what will happen to the soul after the body dies! Take note of the highlight above and how we have been told we fall.

By this time, if you don’t consider the Vatican Evil, you have not been paying attention!

I bring the Holy Roman Empire up for the following topic!

It is said there are many books left out of scriptures. It is said by some that the books are not lost, but rather divided up, to create different religions designed to divide the masses, and that the Vatican is behind all that!!! Quick question. What topics do you refuse to talk about? Well, you talk about them, but only with those that are in agreement, right!

We can conclude if we ascribe to the theory, that if we amassed all religious scripture in one book, all people would unite as one under God! Well nice theory, but we must determine if any of the writing was written to confuse, and control. If we want to put the scriptures together we might want to consider one of Jesus Christs comments to shed a little light on reality! He said that God wrote his law in men’s hearts. Yes Jesus knew about DNA and the right brain. The law of the Universe is written into every man and woman’s very being!

So this brings me to a link that you might spend some time studying. The first thing you have been taught to do with such information is to reject it! However an understanding heart is open, not closed. As a friend of mine tells me “I’ll take it under advisement”. This is the only thing I can hope for, if we are to come together for the good of the world! Q

May the God of Creation, bless you, and keep you!