So! Your telling me that hydra can reproduce the environment they were in from memory?

Your telling me that Graphine has super conductor properties, that can be used to make electronic components?

Your telling me you want to inject an operating system into us all?

Even the most uninformed people know that IOT devices have an operating system, well if they didn’t, they do now, provided they look into what you are doing, and saying.

People know now that both Graphine and hydras are in the death shot. This is undisputed by anyone in your industry that is telling what they know. So that answers self assembling components, and bluetooth connectivity of the VAXXed!

But why the abundant death count?

Because if we are Goyim, we are considered cattle, plain and simple!

Did you know that herpes symptoms, like cold sores, are poisons being expressed from the body in the form of boils that the organs can’t get rid of through the normal channels?

It has been reported that many diseases have been injected along with the typical graphine, hydras, mNRA instructions. These diseases like HIV and Monkeypox have to be body fluid transfers. What better way to make the transfer than with a needle? It was done with HIV, and now with monkeypox, but there is more! much more! We will touch the surface only!

It has been proven now, that what was once a theory has happened. The mNRA injected into un-informed arms, have turned the bodies of the injected, into spike protein factories. There is no off switch folks!

Under normal conditions, you get sick, your system fights off the disease, you get better! that’s it! A few die but that is a normal life cycle! But what happens when every part of your body starts producing the pathogen? this is the case with the spike protein. Keep in mind when every cell of body that has receptors starts producing spike protein, any immune system you have left, will be overcome.

Two options:

  • You die quickly(likely the most desirable outcome for the inflicted).
  • You don’t know about your condition, until your body starts expelling the poison in the form of painful boils all over your body, then you die.

Some say, the indicators in the bible tell us, that the mark of the beast is 666 (that is the symbol of Graphine by the way), and the way the kill shot was pushed, needs to be factored in. The shot, is in fact, the mark of the beast. But if you want to be sure about that prediction, consider this bible quote! Revelation 16:2

To be honest there is nothing more vial (pun intended) than what the beast and his minions have done.

How did it come to this:

Operation paperclip not only brought Nazis to the US, but also many of the practices developed in the Hitler regime.

(I regress! I don’t mean to imply Hitler was behind all this, he was only one tool. One must go all the way back to Satan and his angels being expelled from the Heavens, but that would be to far back for this one single post!)

One such practice was the push for fluoridation.

Let me explain!

Fluoride in the form used in our water, and toothpaste, is poison. What effect does it have on the body?

  • It binds with calcium to become inert.
    • making bones brittle, can you say Osteoporosis?
  • Binds with organs to become the major cause of cancers!
  • Calcifies the Pineal gland
    • This very important part of the brain is said to connect the two parts of the brain. One side is said to be your thought side, and the other side reason.
    • The gland is referred to as the God eye, the connection to God consciousness.

To be put in layman’s terms, the use of fluoride is an effort to dumb down the masses, and remove Gods influence in mankind. You might ask why would anyone put poison in ones mouth? Well the question is a good one, and one that can only be answered by reading the label, and connect with your inner being. Take time to read this label.

Did you catch the “Keep out of the reach of children” part? Forget what you swallow! Did you know the only filter that removes fluoride poison, is a bone char filter? Yes it is not really filtered out! Rather made inert, it is to small to be filtered out with normal filters. If you do your research you will find two other ways to literally remove all but 5% of this poison.

What this means to you, once in the mouth, it is absorbed by your body tissues, spitting does no good! The icing on the cake though, is the fact that it stays in the body, building up as time goes on.

As always, you have the responsibility, and option of proving my work. Warning: Researching the words in your search window will give results that may shock you!! In no way, should you consider this to be medical advice!

Food for thought is always organic! Anything else is poison!

May the Lord, Source, always be by your side, keeping you from evil!