A little history!

I spend some time listening to Bix Weir, understand I don’t listen to his music, I’m not much of a music buff. No I listen to his opinion about stacking silver. I personally am a very small stacker of silver, but I have bought a few ounces.

Well, Bix told his audience that if the silver manipulators bought down silver below 20 an ounce then buy all you could. Like I said, I am a very small investor in precious metal, so when I looked at Kitco’s graphs on Saturday and found silver under 20 or very close. Then I look at the history it has been there for a while now. That kind of tells you what kind of investor I really am.

Being a pensioner, I looked at what I had for the rest of the month after bills and we decided that if we eat more beans and rice we could muster 200 for the cause, so I proceeded to look up a coin dealer in Flagstaff, AZ.

Now let’s talk coincidences!

  • On the 5th the Situation Update via GCR showed Joey BidDumb, and under it it said “Marry Christmas”.
  • I had to put water in the RV, so I had an empty 50 gal barrel that needed to be filled, we keep all containers full, just in case.
  • Saturday was the 9th and we went to town.
  • We took a friend so to do our running together. After we were on the road, I mentioned we were going to buy some silver in town.
  • We looked up the coin shop in flag, the name “route 66 coin and collectibles”. with an address of 1996 E. route 66.
  • At the coin shop I told them I had 200 in fiat paper to spend on rounds(non-official minted coin) I was told I could get 9 ounces for 211.50 I said OK and made the purchase.
  • So the Man cut out 9 pouches filled with, you guessed it! .999 pure silver “1996 Marry Christmas” coins with “Peace on earth” stamped on the flip side!
  • Our friend had 40 bucks in his pocket and decided to join the party! his bill came to 47 so he didn’t have to use his card we temporarily spotted him the 7.

So let’s recap shall we?

I am new to numbers as a sign, but am having a hard time not believing repeated numbers are not sent by angels to give us a sign. My choice to buy silver, came as I looked at the Kitco graph on the 9th. I watched the GCR update on the 6th (my bed time is before the video release). I looked up the address on the way to town and it had two numbers in it! 1996 and 66, on 7-9-22. The silver coin (silver and God are significant). And on the coin was stamped Marry Christmas the same as I had viewed on the situation update. The Christmas gift coin was stamped for the 1996 season then purchased from 1996 Route 66 on 7-9-2022 for 211.50. On this day I spotted my friend 7, to save him a couple of bucks on card fees. Although this could be in the equation I doubt it, but I like the 7 anyhow. like I said I am new to numbers.

So let’s look at spiritual meaning of the Angel numbers, shall we?

7, or in this case two sevens = with Gods help!

999 = The end (of a time line or era?)!

666= the mark of the beast (Isn’t it the 6th that the Georgia Guide Stones were brought down?)!

the 11.50 extra over what I had planned to spend gave me 9 pieces of silver this gives me 111 or a new beginning and adds another 9 to the end, or 9999!

Add to this let’s look at the printed message! A quick note! I have not celebrated Christmas for years, My faith didn’t allow, but for this article I make exception! Two times a repeat of the message “Marry Christmas”

(a time of gift giving and celebration!) Humm! For the record I bought 9 coins that makes 10 repeats of the message as well as a bunch of 1’s! Top it off, on the back side of the coin the phrase “Peace on Earth” and as usual the stamp of authenticity= .999 pure silver = .999 pure stamp of God!

Can we then conclude the angels are telling me that at the hand of God the time of Peace on Earth is at hand?

May God Source, bless you and keep you!

May you be given peace of spirit, for the times we face!