Every time I write to you, I think it may be our last time.

My dear friends. the journey is only started, but the battle is almost over. You may enjoy seeing this update to see what I am talking about! https://rumble.com/v1bkzwx-situation-update-7822.html

Before you follow the link I would like to remind you that it never was about the election, it was about the children! I am just glad that the sacrificing is almost over, and our children will soon be safe. We will know this for sure with the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)! When you are told to stay inside, Please! make it easy on those that are fighting this war, and do what they ask of you!

To change the subject a little! I have been telling people it is time to work on your relation with the Source of all creation. I would like to tell you how I am getting connected, so you can do the same!

  • I am doing as much as I can to stay grounded to the earth, I have the liberty to walk around most of my day bare footed, during the lock down you will be able to do the same. Being connected to the frequencies of the earth, helps enlighten your very soul, and lift your spirit!
  • I spend my mornings meditating and listening to music that opens my body allowing my soul to communicate with our God Source.
  • I simply ask that I have communion with God, and that God delivers the knowledge of who I am!

You got it right? I simply want to connect with the consciousness of God! I want my light, or should I say my spirit to be positive, so I can help others in this trying time. I personally like to listen to this music while I meditate. https://youtu.be/CkB8rtFEAfc Simply relax sitting straight up, clear your mind, with the intention of making a connection with God. and most of all, let it be known in your thoughts, you want to know who you are!

Just a comment! If your faith suggests I am leading you astray, consider this! The evil ones understand what I am talking about! They have used our childrens blood in sacrifice to Satin, and they remove the pineal gland ( the top Chakra), in an attempt to silence the will of the True, One and Only, Living God If they know this, and attempt this, don’t you think there is some truth to it all?!

Have a wonderful day!