More history! My family gave everything a name, when I say that, I do mean everything! They would painstakingly find clever names. This I have decided is the reason any business venture they ever tried, failed. Kind of like Paul Harvey’s the rest of the story about Jack Lemon naming his car dealership Lemon’s. Sometimes a label can mean success or failure!

I too like to play with words on occasion, however I am learning that a play on words, can keep needed information from the masses. For this reason I named this post “More on Shortages” less the “e”, rather than Moron Shortages, that would have been my choice! Those that have avoided some of my posts on the premise of the title, I might suggest you go back and read those posts, I only posted them because the information was, I thought, needed or useful! Now on with the topic of Shortages.

We start with Gas! the last time crude was at current price was June 2014 so let us ask why Gas is averaging 5.00 a gallon us, highest price ever. and Why is it in short supply in some states, and not others? Could it be that the “resident” has shut down domestic production! hum, maybe it’s Russia!

Why, if Russia has lowered grain prices, is the price of grain increasing?

Why have over 70 food plants, and warehouses been destroyed by fire or explosion recently on US soil?

We could explain, or blame rising prices on those things like eggs ( over 30% ) on, well, Russia, or some other crazy excuse for intentionally engineered inflation, or we could come to our senses, and realize that in the name of an un-isolated virus being used as an excuse, to kill off innocent birds, designed to create a shortage, that didn’t need to be!

Could it be? the cost of Domesticated meat is higher because ranchers, are being assessed a tax for “animal produced CO2”, that, by the way, is needed if plants are grow? By the way, if you think being vegetarian will save you! read the previous sentence again. You did know if plants don’t grow, global warming is a guarantee right? Oh that’s right, it must be Russia!

Could grain be in short supply because, well, farmers are being paid not to grow food crops? or maybe the USD is not worth the paper it is printed on?

Many a truth thinker, comprehends what is going on. Maybe we all should take the time, to understand the book!

What Book? The book on Marxism, or COVID-19 The Great Reset, it tells us exactly what is taking place in America, as well as the rest of the world! If you don’t know this, it may be time that you quit being an accomplice, and do some research!

I believe there is much more going on, than what we can be sure of, and see! Blackrock and Vanguard (both deep state companies) own most, if not all food production facilities, in the world. It has been documented that poisons have been introduced into our food supply, making the claim, it is safe. But those that want health, have gone to buying organic, non-GMO products. products not laced with poisons while being grown ,and prepared for us.

I believe that the burning food plants are to cover up evidence of wrong doing! I know of reports that during investigation human flesh was found in some! I have other opinions but they will stay un-stated until the time I have proof!

The playbook being used, has been used over, and over again, to over-through nations, throughout the ages. I feel that the plan was thwarted. However the scheme is in play! I believe there will be serious, unavoidable shortages, thanks to the Deep State. I can only hope you are prepared! It is the only way I see to avoid hunger!

May God Creator, Source of all, Bless you with abundance!