Those of us that have been watching this thing play out after the election, have studied devolution and know that President Trump handed over the power of the Government, to the Military!

We know that the Military honors the oath to defend the constitution of the People’s republic. So why didn’t they move on the coup d’état instigated by the Biden Administration?

Well, because they needed documentation that no other branch of the Government would honor their oath to defend the Constitution (that they now have)! Because they knew their job was to defend against enemies abroad, unless all three branches, failed their jobs! Also they needed an invitation from the homeland!

I know, I know! Trump did hand control over to the Military! It should be noted, that even if they could act, they could not put themselves in the position of appearing to have overthrown the government. I am happy to tell you that Biden declared a state of emergency!

I waited to tell you, so you likely already know this. I did choose to take a wait and see attitude before I spoke.

So what does it mean?

  • First and foremost, it means we are under martial Law, invited by Biden! as I understand until the Military returns control to the civilian government ( I could be wrong).
  • It means that the three corrupt branches of government, that have proven they are corrupt, are not in power, the Military is!
  • It means that the Constitution, that is not being followed by any Government agency, other than the Military, has been suspended, by Biden’s declaration!
  • It means that those nefarious actors, that have played a part in burning and looting to push outside interests in the US, will have their day in court, in the military system (Military Tribunals)!

Honestly! I am working to open my Pineal gland, one of our 7 chakras. I once told a friend that I wondered what we would talk about, when this whole mess was straighten out! From the onset, well after the election, I took the word of Donald J. Trump, that we had won! I admit that I did ride the roll-a-coaster off and on, over the last months, but alas I find Trump was correct!

So why talk about the events now? I watched an event ( arrest ), that included a U-haul, riot gear, and bad actors, during an Gay Pride event. What made this event different is they didn’t have to kill anyone with their riot gear, to be arrested! (Think martial law). Think false flag, with the false flag diverted!

Beings I am outside of Flagstaff,AZ I personally saw a fire start, with a big plum of smoke. As the fire spread against the wind, (critical thinking here) only one conclusion could be made.

The first thought was the arsonist would get off, but we are under martial law, so he will find his day in a military court. Mind you the military has a 10,000 foot view of things, and, I am sure they have it all!

Thank you Joe Biden for your invitation!!

The White Hats have won, Because God always wins!!

Now, it is time for me to get back to my work, as I build up my connection to the universe, and the source of all creation, God, Source, Creator!

May you have a wonderful day!