I don’t know if you were a fan of Star Trek or not! I can’t say I was a fan, but the family didn’t miss an episode when I was young, so I saw them all.

At that time, I found it fun to think about what was beyond our world. My imagination went wild, and my dreams were vivid. How Gene was able to create such a fine documentary escapes my imagination. During the entire series, NASA faked moon missions, Area 51 was top secret, and governments agreed to hide the discoveries from the public found in the Antarctic,

I was quiet about it all during my young adult life. I found religion in the form of Christianity! I don’t need to go into details, as others can say the same things about their religious experience, I was told many untruths. The biggest among them being the truths about the Universe! So it was in those days, I turned off Sci-Fi, and believed what Big Brother (the all seeing eye), wanted me to believe, fake teaching of all kinds. The false, and inconsistent story lines, are what helped wake me up, But it sure took a while!

Thanks to the Council! Yes, the Council of the Galactic Federation, we have been given the chance to wake up! The original timeline for our 3D world would have already reached it’s end, and only the star seeds would have seen release from prison earth!

I must praise God source, and the alliance that adheres to the prime directive, for making an exception for earth!

Should we dance in the street, or hunker down in fear?

It seems that we are constantly tossed to and fro, with new false flags, and plandemics. The invisible enemy is trying any way they can, to put fear in our hearts. Seeking mandates hoping to win a battle of deception that they have already lost. But, they keep trying!

The question in your mind, as it is in my mind, is not when will we win? But rather, will I be able to keep one precious soul from faltering? Will I be able to say the right things, giving hope to those around me of that simple understanding, the battle is already won. I am in the battle for one! Each day, each hour, each conversation, I hope I can touch one person and help them understand the powers that be, have already lost!

This is the reality! in three parts: (No Telegram, no info)




In the last two posts I covered a concept rooted in communication with the 5th Dimension. If you have done your homework, you understand how to know the angels approve or disapprove, you are on the right track.

The easy way to ascend from 3 to 4D, is to prepare yourself for the process. Think of a process similar to weeding your yard. If the soil has been deep watered before you proceed to pull up the weeds, your success at uprooting those pesky weeds increases. If you have worked on your soul through meditation, your transition will be easier! If your religious teaching hinders you, go back and read my last two posts. Look for angel numbers to know you are on the right path!

I like listening to this meditation music as I devote time to my growth!

May God Source, guide you and bless you!