As important as Numerology, as a language is, Symbolism is also key! But symbolism is taught!

Symbolism can be good or bad, it’s origin is within the universe, and all things were originally good! But we know that not all symbols today are so good! Unless we have studied symbols, understanding their value or meanings, are not in our view. Let me give you an example:

Do you know how many lines are on a standard rule piece of paper? Do you know why? These two questions are for U.S. Nationals. The answer to the first question is 26 usable lines. And as you say to yourself, SO, How many symbols are in the English alphabet? 26, do you think this a coincidence?

Like I said, symbolism is taught, and as you use the skill you were taught, you understand the symbols on this post! But is that all there is to it? Using the following words, and numerology, Consider the following:

We = 23+5 =28 = 1 = New Beginnings.

Together = 20+15+7+5+20+8+5+18 = 98 = 17 = 1+7 = 8 = Karmic Balance.

Me = 13+5 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 = Completion.

Mine = 13+9+14+5 = 41 = 4+1 = 5 = Unattached.

In numerology there is more than one meaning for each number, you must choose what meaning fits the time you are in, but this is a good example, for this topic. Every soul on this earth have different up bringing, but it is safe to say that from the time we were brought into this world, we were taught symbols.

I don’t know about you, but I never gave symbols a thought! I saw them for sure, but they did not register as good or bad, Well did they?

As I type this I consider that the Angels are directing things! And although My intentions are good, I wonder if one added all the symbols of this post together, if the number of the post would come up with a number verifying it’s value to the reader! I can only hope that the Universe approves of my writing.

So we are what we eat, or are we? Really!!

The colors we wear, define Us, or do they? Really!

The symbols we possess, remind us who we are, or do they? Really!

Let’s consider:

If you wear gang colors, you are seen as a gang member. Every day you put them on, you are programming yourself, because that is how you see yourself.

If You raise the country flag, You see yourself as a patriot.

If You raise a flag in protest or support of another country, do you see yourself as a patriot of that country?

If you wear a swastika, or BLM emblem, do you identify as a Nazi? Do others identify you as such?

If you proudly place a MAGA hat on your head as you walk out the door, do you think of yourself as a proud patriot of America, do others see you as such?

If you continually use hand gestures that symbolize the all seeing eye. You know the one on the pyramid, as displayed on the all mighty dollar, in conjunction with the symbol of the beast, are you possessed? Have you identified yourself as such?

The point is! We are taught to register in our minds, symbols! In the 3D world we, define everything we see with a name, further we are warned about the hazards of what we see! So how do we know a good symbol from a bad symbol?

To deprogram we first need to avoid reminding ourselves what we became! Remove the symbols!

We can observe what is associated with the symbol in question. Love is associated with lightheartedness, High frequencies, and is given, not taken against ones will. Hate is associated with the heavyhearted, Lower frequencies, that seem to suck energy away from ourselves, and those around us. It takes, without asking, against free will! Symbolism can be seen in the eyes, and face, of one possessed with emotion, good or bad. It should be noted that symbols are associated with these emotions, and can be discerned by onlookers.

Satin worshipers have symbols that seem to summon devils, and it may surprise you when you look up all the spiritual symbols, that the meaning is not what you expected from them all. I am convinced that Mind Control techniques (MKUltra) summon demons. That through torture and other methods, instill demons in the subjects, and the use of simple symbology, activates those under MK control. Some symbols used, are seen as innocent, with brain washing, something as simple as Alice, the name, the character, used as a symbol, will trigger things like mass shootings, False Flags, designed by the victims handler. When the brain washed, are triggered, they are innocent no more, they become the perpetrator!

Like I said, although there are symbols widely recognized as satanic! Teaching can set in the mind, different meanings for everything you see.

You may hail from what is considered a normal everyday family. You are safe right? You were not abused, or any of those things associated with Mind Control. But the bad news is that is not a safety net!

Mind control has been used in media! This can be traced to the beginning of recorded history! If the media was designed to control the people, even though it may have appeared to be with good intent, If manipulation was the goal, it is mind control! I suggest you meditate on that statement with a question for your higher being! Question everything, as well as the history of those producing the text!

So you think your safe! If you watched on the Tell-a-Vision an event, but you failed to question the validity of the report. If you didn’t pick apart, the foolish flow in the show you watch, Then my friend, you are a victim of MKUltra programming! How did you get channeled, or programmed?

OK, I won’t leave you hanging! In your innocence, you brought into your house a Tell-A-Vision, that all of it’s programming was designed to manipulate your emotions, and show you, how they want you to respond!

You can counter this manipulation! You can connect with truth! You can overcome evil!

To do this I have a few suggestions:

  • If you can see that you have brought in an evil influence, get rid of it(TV)!
  • Buy some meditation music, with the frequencies needed to overcome, and grow, Fill the void!
  • Walk in the park/forest, as you did as a child, barefoot, and connect with nature!
  • gaze at the clouds/stars, as you lay in the grass!
  • Look within, and reconnect with that child spirit you remember from long ago!

The healing can come from within! The healing must come from within!

What I am saying is connect with, The God Source of All the Universe!

You will know by the look in ones eyes if they are dark, or light of spirit. instinctively If you are exuding love. others see it in you, and you in them. You are attracted to them, and them to you! The same goes for those of the low frequency of discord, Do not allow yourself to be sucked into such energy drains!

If you feel something is wrong! Your feelings do not deceive you! Much evidence is present that Armageddon is upon us! I would say otherwise, if what is happening was only in our country! But no! The world over, is in the same state. This is the prediction of the end times. It is Biblical!!!

May the Lord Teach You, and bless You!