It has always been a point of contention, when asked if the Chicken was first, or the egg. We can debate till the end of time, however, if we can’t talk to the one that witnessed the event. It is all speculation! For the record, this is not about the destruction of our food supply!

It really is about free will! Free will, is not something that you give to someone, it is a universal law of Creation! Circumventing a souls sovereign rights does have consequences!

You make a choice to lead others to forfeit, through manipulation, or you honor their choices. No matter your decision, you place yourselves in the camp of Good or Evil. To avoid bad karma, you must sooner or later deal with, bad karma by building good karma to cancel the bad.

If your actions towards others, displays your efforts to understand others rights. You are considered good. If your actions display your desire to control others, by trampling their sovereign rights, well . . .

If you give someone else control, you give up your sovereignty, that is a fact! An effort to take your sovereignty has methodically taken place for millennia. It is no wonder when a person wakes to this fact, many of their peers feel that the person is wrong! Remember it is not bucking a system, to demand that which is yours!

The subtle manipulation of your belief, denying your God given rights, could and should be thought of as hypnotism. Another term that has become better known in this day, but only because light has been shown on the practice, is Mind Control. The people who have had an event that opened their eyes to this practice of hypnotism, are called awake! For them the spell has been broken, and has allowed them to see!

An individuals waking event is different than for anyone elses waking event. It should be understood by those that are awake, that each person has been programmed, based on what it took to brake their spirit! Of course it may have been done with what was considered good intentions. The fact is it was done, and in the universal law, not acceptable!

Some of this braking of will, was done nefariously by our governments, through programs like MKUltra that seeks to fracture to the core, ones very being. On a milder extent a lower level of MKUltra is used in schools to shame and indoctrinate young people into “government think!” Radio, Newspaper, and “Tell-A-Vision”, they all use MKUltra to change the will of once sovereign people, and reinforce the crowds response.

The number of hours spent taking in this programming, will determine how hard, and how long it will take, to overcome a persons programming to free them once again.

It is a fact that such time spent in the ritual practice of in-taking media brainwashing, has been socially accepted. Is it therefore the fault of the brainwashed subject? Or is it those that are trying to control Us.

I submit to you that those that are trying to control You, are also responsible for every horrific event that has taken place in our life times! I do not believe that a person is disposed to do evil. I believe that it is the evil works of the controllers, that through MKUltra and other projects of research on how to accomplish their agenda, that planted the seed of evil.

Want Gun control? Use mind control to have an event to bring it about!

Remember everywhere guns have been taken from the populace, the Draconian actions of the controllers have been seen! Keep your heads, and resist peacefully. They rule by consent! Now you know what came first!