At the risk of repeating myself, We are living in Revelations!

If you are heavy in spirit, I have some good news for you! You can let go of the serpents hold on you, by claiming your birth right. The more you claim it, and the more you refuse to submit to be governed by these reptilian overlords, the lighter your burden will be!

Have you ever heard the expression, The sky is the limit! Having the burden of a 3D debt slave, that of course is not a reality, that of course would be if you had any idea of what reality was. The earth is moving to a higher frequency. With that move we too are being brought along for the ride. We are able now to brake the chains that have kept us in slavery for so long. For the first time we have been able to reclaim our sovereignty and regain our freedom, but we must claim it! We must work through, and release the chains that bind us, on an individual basis.

If you have a heavy spirit, If you are sad, Your soul is telling you to free yourself. It is not time to act, but rather it is time to look within and grow. What do I mean by that? It is time to understand who you really are. You can’t change the world least you first change yourself.

I would like to introduce you to information that will help you grow!

First is a message to help you understand what I have said, The second is music that will help You open your God eye, so you can see the illusion you live.

It is time to wake up and seek what has been yours all along, but stolen from you. If you are wondering why Donald J Trump has been saying the future will be beautiful, but you don’t understand how. It is time to start looking into videos like those I am sending your way. It is time to understand what he is telling you. The sooner you start thinking about what you want, and not the trouble around you, the sooner the gates of heaven will be opened to you! It is truly what we have as the faithful, have been praying for as long as we have believed.

May the Source of all Creation, nourish and keep you!