Real Raw News has a insiders view of the CDC on the Monkey Virus! I would suggest you go take a peak, But before you do think about this!!

I have already stated my view, and you must make up your mind. If you like your God given rights violated do nothing. If you want to keep your rights then here are some things you need to consider!

Much of Monkey Pox is false reporting, just like Sars Cov 2. Symptoms are very similar to a side effect from the death shot. The Sars Cov 2 Plandemic was a plandemic of statistics. Normally Doctors test people with symptoms, honestly the only people with any of the symptoms already have been injected with the problem.

So! to avoid another Plandemic from false over reporting, Don’t Get PCR tested, the test has been proven to be faulty. (read my post on Monkey Pox.) Look at this way! the saying goes like this “curiosity killed the cat”. Will you test to see if your pregnant if you don’t have any symptoms? OK then! Getting tested for something you really have no symptoms for makes no sense. What it does do is increases false positives from a test that can’t work. This in turn gives those that want to control you an excuse to do so. Your curiosity will kill many more people than have already given their life needlessly. Why? Because false reporting, of a fake test, put people in fear of a mostly harmless virus. Out of fear they allowed Big pharma to Kill them with an unproven experiment!!!

Remember the saying!

Fool me once, shame on You, Fool me twice, shame on me(You)!

If You are not one of them, even if you die, Your future is secure, and will be wonderful!

May the Source of all the Universe, bless and keep You!