It has been depicted in many a movie, and cartoon, that good and evil fight in the mind. This is not at all false, fact is, it is much more real than you would think! Biblically we are told, Ask and it shall be given to you, Seek and you will find. We are told that corruption of the soul comes not from what we eat, but rather from the words out of our mouth. But then again we are told that thinking sin is the same as doing it!

Why do I bring this up?

Well to be quite honest, I research many things. I do it with open mind, for I am asking for truth. When I ask for truth, I would say that is because, I don’t know it, or at least I have been given reason to doubt what I have been taught. When I hear something that leaves me thinking, I look to see if any teaching I have received have been enhanced or torn down.

If what I have learned enhances what I already believe, I adopt the teaching. If on the other hand if the information does not fit into my learning( this day it seems more things don’t fit), I seek other sources that I use to debunk or enhance what I have learned(seems old books, or information is the only sources that one can trust today). Just like the “book burnings” of Nazi Germany, the powers that be in the world today don’t want you to have resources that don’t fit their agenda, so dig you must. What I am suggesting is called critical thinking! Oh another video for the Fall of the Cabal has been released!

Ancient pictographs, Ezekiel, and modern sightings, have caused me to open my eyes to possibilities, that just a couple years ago, I would have rejected.

With that background!

I will continue. As a warning, we all have heard someone tell us to “watch what we ask for! ” Most believe this mythical thinking, and disregard it! However the Bible says the same thing, in a positive connotation. I must admit that In recent days I am beginning to believe what has been said about the bible, With the Vatican being exposed, and writings unearthed under it! We have to wonder! Did You know that early Vatican bibles have reincarnation in them? That leaves the beliefs of some in question, I will not get involved in that discussion. I will, however tell you that some say that the Bible is an early form of MKUltra, My suggestion is for you to think on that(do your research).


I do believe in Good and Evil ETs. I believe this because I believe the account in the bible of a war in heaven! I also believe that the account of the end times was sealed until the time You and I are living in. For the record, some teachings say that those that were born after Israel became a nation, would see the coming of the Lord, So! I won’t argue. You can imagine what you want, but my opinion is, that what is coming to light is true!

All this is important because:

  1. The ending is not for everyone!
  2. The ETs are wondering what we want!
  3. What we want, will be our future!
  4. What you believe, and ask for, is what you will get!

So if you ask for bad, by concentrating on the bad . . .

If you ask for good, that is what you have asked for . . .

The ETs have said this is so. The desire of the population will be answered, Remember where two or more ask, so it will be. It is past time to think on those things that will make you happy, those things you want to come to pass. Watch what you spend your time thinking on, because if it is all of this evil in the world, definitely a distraction, to keep your mind off what you want! You will not be thinking of the good you want!

I Personally want what we have been promised. I fully understand that what is, is what I want to go away!

If my thoughts create my future! If I concentrate on the evil, than what am I asking for? I will be mindful of my thoughts, that those thought might concentrate on our future! If you resonate with this, learn to do as I will try to do from now on!!

I for one am tired of the delay! I want to receive what has been promised, how about you?

This link is a support video for the thoughts I am presenting here!

May God Source, be with you, and keep you!