Or is it Money Pox?

Neither! if I have my guess. It does have to do with the NWO and WHO, Who you say? Yes it is obvious! You can reject their desired lock down scenarios and grow some! Or you can die alone in your room as food becomes unavailable, Your choice. The ” demented Un-president, or is that un-president-a-demented” Jet setting criminal Cabal leader of the bankrupt USA inc. Is running around the world trying to give away your freedoms (he has no power over) to the tyrannical WHO. The new/old playbook Monkey disease chapter, is now in play, again! Search old news articles, and you find turned over monkey transport truck on it’s side, and research lab monkeys scattered. (OOPs the false flag event was not needed, to have a cover story) keep it quiet MSM! it’s not time! You should do image searches and find the Photos in use to promote Monkey pox, they are ( over two years old ), and your injection site should start to crawl, as you realize you will soon die, from being duped in the last two years.

It disheartens you to realize, You just sentenced Your child to death, thinking the MSM, WHO, FDA, and other globalists lied to you. Now the anger is building in you! Not again you say! I will fight for others rights, But alas your heart starts to race and you start feeling pain in your heart, weakened and destroyed by 3 or 4 Kill shots taken in the past year and a half, painfully you fall down to the ground! I am sorry for being so brutally honest BUT!

Listen Folks! Just like Sars Cov 2 the PCR test will not work to determine if you have, or do not have, a Virus. When You hear that the virus has not been isolated you might say “BUT!”.

These are the details:

  • You don’t go searching for a virus in the wild to isolate it!
  • You look where you should find it, not where the light is shinning!
  • A frantic search has been on going in the science community, they are smart enough to look in the fire, so to speak!

Where are these scientists searching? They are seeking the virus in your test positive PCR kits, You heard that right! And even in that environment they don’t find the evidence. You must come to your own conclusions.

If you are coming down with a rash. If you are in the US. If you are not taking care of yourself. This is what you should do! Contact the Americas front line doctors. These are real doctors, not sold out to big pharma. Remember the last two and a half years? It all started with a PCR test, and false positive statistics, You don’t want another PLANdemic do you?

Don’t give them the chance to inflate false numbers! You can do your part, this is done by going to real doctors, and the Americas Front Line Doctors are just that. For the record, Not Medical advice, I think colloidal silver is the best anti-biotic I know of. Do your research!

If you resonate with this message!

Please, Please, Please . . . Pass it on! Just kidding, one of the many reasons I am not found on social sites, is the numbers game. I believe that passion drives what a person does. I don’t believe we can save the world, nor do I want to. Satan and his followers are to deeply embedded in it! I am looking forward to 5D!

There is a saying in the Bible that talks about sowing seed on thin soil, that is as close as I will quote the passage. however the discussion on the subject is pertinent today! If you are one that believes in organic farming, you realize that when the soil is wasted by very bad farming practices, the only way to grow good fruit is to first soften and nurture the soil. The thought that we could ever rebuild all the soil on the earth is quite a daunting task, or thought!

We can however nurture the soil around a plant. Question, have you ever pulled up a plant in bad dry soil? As you uproot the plant most of the root stays in the soil/dirt. Watering the dirt helps to remove the root as well. In good soil, the root will survive the trauma, enough that transplanting can be an option.

The lesson learned is quality soil, plenty of sun light energy, and the plant can be easily transplanted to another location. So it is with the soul! My intent is to help one soul get ready at a time, for the 5D future. I don’t expect to get ready the whole world! I only expect to touch those ready to be nourished. This blog is intended to spread living water, and plenty of High Frequency Light, to those ready to bud out(BUG OUT) to a new world!

If the Run off from Your resonating soul, reaches another seed, and encourages them to prosper and bear fruit, than blessed be your soul, keep up the good works!