Before I get to far along, I believe those that will, have been injected. I am not talking to those that have little self will. I am talking to those who have refused to comply!!

In the Sci-Fi world, well at least, so it seems, The Jab is supposed to be something that:

  • Through DNA modifies you to tolerate hydras.
  • Through Graphine feeds the hydras to grow into a control circuit, and antennas so you can be connected.

It is said that one can take there phone into a grave yard, and pick up blue tooth signals from the dead. I don’t know if it is CGI or not, but just saying. Guess if you are concerned enough you can check it out for yourself.

The point is that they say the evil ones tell you in advance what they plan! Much evidence is available in movies and books to make that idea plausible.

What movies or Tell-A-Vision shows might show us the plan? Maybe the “Walking Dead”, or maybe a better fit “The Zombie Apocalypse”! Or dare I say, they are just developing a digital Army of brain dead Warriors, that are controlled through Graphine circuits.

I can think of no easier way to reduce the population to 1 of 15 people world wide, than to make a populace turn on each other as you control their every emotion!

So Why Boosters?

What if the spacing of the original shot was to hide a death rate of those who’s bodies would not tolerate what they were doing to them. It was said early on that 2/3rds of the shots were placebos. Could it be that only after the first booster was everyone that was willing completely shot with the real deal? With the real deal they could work on those that could tolerate the implants, so to speak. Each additional shot serves to feed the Hydra, for a complete install of, as Billy Gates put it, “The operating system”. Just remember, their plan is in plain sight!

Now if you are old enough, you remember computer terminals. That was the way you talked to the computer system. On the Internet, your computer or phone works as the terminal so you can interact with the world. The 5G network is built to control IOT devices. Friends! If you got the shot! You are one of their devices!

  • If they want to kill you, they can!
  • When they have control of you, they can make you turn on one you love!
  • In the past you may never have joined ANTIFA, BUT!!!

If your body tolerated the shot, and received enough boosters, The sky is the limit!!! If you don’t believe what I am saying, You have not done your research!!! You don’t have to dig very deep.

Just shedding, is reason enough to isolate yourselves from the fully vaccinated. But, most people carry a tracking device with you! So too the fully vaccinated, only they are the device! If you have been marked as the enemy of the deep state, there are many ways that I can see, for you to be a target! I will only name a few.

  • Remember the Hydra are controlled as are the Vaccinated!
  • If you have been outspoken, a friendly hug from a controlled person, could give the hydra a chance to infect you! Like a tick programmed to transfer on command!
  • Your injected friend may just be programmed to turn violent. This serves two purposes, To remove Opposition to their plan, and to place a Hydra infected individual in a holding cell to spread hydra.

It should be said at this time it is not safe to be Jailed, If you have been building up your system with things like proper Vitamin levels, and have a supply of horse paste at home, then you can foil the plan they have for you.

Keep safe, Keep Grounded, Praise the Living God!