This Blog has so many draft posts on this subject, now that I need to do a clean-up!

The reason for so many drafts is the difficulty the subject presents. The reason such a revelation is in”revelation” can only be comprehended If a believer feels God knows everything. This one issue may explain why people are coming to the Lord in this day(a great revival).

If we look into the past! and that requires more than the Bible, but the Bible will touch on the subject. We learn about a war in heaven, where the devil and his followers are cast to our earth. Other text tells us that the reptile that was cast to earth, played with our DNA to lower our frequency(otherwise known as our energy level, information not revealed in the Bible). For the record, I don’t believe there is anything experimental about the mRNA shot. The interference of the Evil one in the lives of man is not new, and this playbook has been used before to keep man in a state of sleep! The events of today have been foretold many years ago, in movies, cartoons, and books!

Research has shown that the “God Eye”( the pituitary gland) looses function in those receiving the shot. It is also known, that the PCR test is tainted and crammed up to the blood brain barrier. It is speculated the reason for constant PCR testing of people that refuse the shot, is to gain the same result. Are You still allowing them to Test You!!!

So what is the reason for all this, a summary! At present the energy level on earth is increasing. with this exposure of evil in the world, it is giving pause to peoples forward momentum of thing based life! Without this illegal medical effort, man would be freed from slavery, most don’t understand this.

Anyone that confesses Jesus, and God Almighty is confessing they believe in forces out of our world confines. The world population, who are not sure they want to believe anything, will entertain the idea of ET’s(those from the heavens). Christians and other religious people recognize the Source of all being! They recognize that Satan was cast to earth(earth serving as a prison to him and his angles), and he is the father of all lies.

In all literature I have found, the ET’s confirm this to be true. Draconians are these evil ones and have lived with us from before recorded history. Some accounts say that Eve’s sin was to intermingle with these Draconians. The result was offspring, and the start of our modified DNA, the lowering of our worlds frequency to our third dimensional state. According to the Bible this act gave the world to Satan to rule.

Some believe the Bible is the Oldest recorded history! Although this thought is convenient, it is far from true. There are arks of knowledge that have been uncovered in recent times all over the world. If you fell for the line, that our science is advanced beyond anything before our Generation, then you have declared the Bible false, that King Solomon was declared the wisest to ever live on earth, by God.

So shall we say that, we have been lied to? Just remember who the author of all lies is. I think on this note, I would like to present the documentary called “The fall of the Cabal”. It is time, because when I first watched this documentary I wondered how research, could bring up the facts presented. It is my opinion, that the only way this history could be presented to us is if such arks exist.

We have learned that the Bible account of Jesus was written some 300 years after his death. This is long enough after his apostles were dead to keep any account of his life secret, if that was the desire of the scholars, or their masters, wanted it to be so (Think secret societies). We now know that the royal linage of kings were infiltrated by the Kazarians long before King James was in power, As it has been for generations. The Kazarian Jew has left enough truth in what they say, to confuse and hide truth. However those seeking truth will find it, they will not be confused.

It is however difficult to accept all truth! I plea with those reading this post to open your minds and research all that is spoken, that you are not lost! If you reject the truth without a study to find what is not a lie, You may have a tough time when all is revealed. You live in that day, ( the great reveal) The Great Revelation!

May the Source of all be with you!