I have no idea what to name this post!

For many, the idea that I have a clue how to name a post, leaves them wondering why I find failure in the endeavor seems somewhat amusing, because they think all my posts have weird names, however . . .

During this Great awakening, I have read, and listened to many videos that say the Ascension may be harder on Christians than many others!

I, being a Christian, found this statement troubling, to say the least. For this post I will relate Christianity with someone that I know, that has acquired a nice nest egg. When I told that person that the stock market would likely fail soon, and it was not good to have everything in one earthly basket, I was asked how could that be fair! The sacrifices made, to assure an income when retired, it seemed to her were something far greater if was lost than was fair . Why should they loose, after all, the work and planing and sacrifice, while others spent everything without concern for the future.

Anything I might say to Her would be of little value, if the warning I gave was left unheeded, while the market is ready to take their savings! Nothing I could say after the crash, could correct what had happened, nor console her for the loss. That is if you store in earthly possessions.

All we Know, is a big gamble! If we are diligent, and research those things that disturb us. We stand a better chance of growing and preserving our future, right?

If we have learned that our life was a big lie, that what we live truly is “the Matrix”. That the movie the Matrix, is in fact a documentary! Then we should question everything, so we would not be kept in the dark! Is that not what we have learned during this time? If we have not learned this one thing, then we are not awake yet!

My journey in politics came after the steal, not before, but after! To start, my view was all about (R) vs. (D)! But I soon learned that it was about more, much more! First thing I learned is if You are waiting for Trumps return and that is the only thing you are waiting for. Well, put politely, you are not awake yet! The battle is between Powers and Principalities, and your future is in the balance. Understand that God always wins! The outcome has been predetermined! Your future is no longer going to be in the world we know! Yes! We are ascending to the 5th Dimension!

But wait! that is not what I was taught in sunday school! Maybe not, but the bible tells us in the book of end times all would be revealed in the last days to those that opened their eyes, and hearts!

A little story!

I know this person who I always thought of as a proper Christian! Her speech was exemplary as one that holds Christ in high esteem. You must understand that anything I send out I have vetted. Understandably not all content do I agree, but am questioning and studied to obtain a viewpoint and belief on the content. However I will send it on when the value I find important. I don’t try to edit another opinion, they may be right and my opinion wrong! As a follower of Christ, I was taught not to judge another! To my surprise, this person shut down and said some things I didn’t expect from her!

The topic was on religious history! After a search, I have found the author spot on. I admit that the way the information was presented, would turn off many Christians, but the statement “It is not what is presented to you, but how you react, that is important”.

My Point of View

  • The most important part of Religion is the Soul! There is nothing more tragic than your spirit being left behind!
  • Teaching that we are not to judge! This being a touchy subject.
  • Seek that you will find!

It stands to reason that if you Judge, You will self limit your search! Let me ask, what do you know about new age religion? Are you sure that those that have become new age, have left the faith? Or become stronger in faith.

What do You know about the history of the Jew? Are you sure what you know, is true? Have you searched? Was Jesus a Jew, or a Hebrew? Only a deep dive into history will give you an answer.

Here is a hint:

If you think Jesus was a Jew, you are mistaken. If you believe there is no difference between Israelite’s, Hebrew’s and Jew’s, then history has betrayed you! So have your religious leaders.

If you have not studied symbols, to help you interpret what you see, you are blind!

If you refuse to listen because a point is made for which you do not agree, rather than research the meaning behind the statement, you are blind, and will not find the truth!

You know! when I was young in the Lord, I thought how lucky were my acquaintances that were brought up in church. I thought to myself how much better my life, if I to had not stumbled because I lacked a better upbringing. However, as I become ripe for the picking, I understand now that had I not opened my heart to seeking the truth, I to would have been fighting against truth.

As a youth, I understood there were Christians. I understood there were those that did not believe, I was one of them! I was not evil, but I was unlearned! I did bad things that haunted me for years, even though I knew I could be forgiven. I knew this because I opened my eyes to faith teaching.

The advantage I have, is I have never quit learning. The blinders of religion had no hold, because I came into the fold, I was not born into this world already sheltered in a faith. When I found the makers of the Matrix may well have changed the books I held as truth! Then I am free to research truth, and am not held to the falsehoods taught by world religions.

I am not saying no truth is in the Bible, only that it has been modified to control the masses. I believe that the bible does condemn the evil one. I also believe that the times we are living in are depicted in Revelations. I believe the time we live is late in the book, and that one needs to study, and study deeply. Understanding that ETs are a reality, and the ones spoken of in the bible as angels, That new age religions bring this to light! This means we should open our eyes to this teaching, without judging it.

We will ascend, whether or not we agree on the basics. Some can be left behind, and some will have a hard time accepting the way that things will happen! You have prayed for this your whole Christian life! It is time to accept what is happening, Even if you don’t agree how it is happening! Learn the truth and you will agree.

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Sometimes you can see it in ones actions!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!