I know! I know! the word is lay, but I couldn’t resist.

The Bible tells us not to lay in wait to rob and plunder. Basically any God fearing man, finds the idea repugnant. So why do people do such sour things? Not gonna answer that! I will let you judge yourself. What I will do, is give you an example of this practice!

Everyone that drives is familiar with this example. An officer of the corporation sits alongside a road just waiting for someone to exceed the speed limit! The speed limit is assumed to be for safety, but I submit, a more nefarious reasons for it, in most cases.

Let’s look at the law before we get to our posted reason for writing today.

  • in Maritime law, it is a law to control you, and get ill gotten gains(additional taxes).
  • In God’s law, or common law, it would not be a law at all! Gods law is summed up this way(No harm, no foul).

Get the picture? In days gone by, we would call the act, the act of a highwayman! Or maybe we would just call them trolls/law breakers!

On the Super highway(Internet) the definition to use is, Trolls. You can always tell when you are reading a trolls words. They join groups, and act like one of the clan! Then they start slowly introducing information that is bogus, just to test the water, and grow your trust, Slowly their agenda becomes obvious to the astute. To the uninitiated however, their lies only lead one astray. Of course this is intentional, there is no other answer for it.

Like most, something triggered me to search for truth! For me it was the plandemic. My thoughts about how utterly wrong things were in Washington DC did not make me search, that only made me prepare for what I could feel was coming. Yes! the search for truth came with the plandemic!!

Many people that had information to share did so, and it broke the Deep state narrative! The Deep State lost control, and now their lives are on the line! A quick question! Don’t you think after years of duping people, they would consider using the same plan over again, to try to regain control within a different media?

So what is the Narrative?

The narrative is not only written in books like “COVID-19 the great reset”, but literally in stone! Yes the Georgia Guild Stones. The narrative is to reduce the population on earth by 14 out of 15 people. You may ask why? so ask now!

The reason is, at 500 million people they can overcome the masses and control them. They realize they would lose control of their empire with more people ( they are in danger of Us waking up)! The closer they get to their magic number, the less they have to fear! In their minds, they they must still feel they can still turn things around.

What is their new plan?

Simply to fill the pipeline of truth with bogus information to put people that are searching back to sleep! That is how they did it to begin with, so infiltrating the truther community with lie’s, and half truths is the plan. I don’t think that you can blue pill someone that has had the red pill, but you can keep the sheep from taking the red pill, if the info is so ridicules.

So let’s give an example of what is happening! Let’s talk about half truths! Let’s talk about poison, shall we? The trickle is slow to start, kind of like the frog in the pot! We hear the words, Watch the Water! Then we see the flipping of it’s meaning. We see the video showing the CIA experiment in Italy years ago! What did water have to do with it? Nothing, They sprayed food with LSD to watch people suffer while they learned, the sick minded bastards! We know they couldn’t pour the LSD in the water because treated water destroys the LSD in short time. But it does plant the idea, no matter how ridicules, that the water can be poisoned, with the right poison. Just a point here! Snake venom is neutralized by ClO2 a common treatment today, in municipal water supplies.

I digress! According to germ theory, a virus is nothing more than poison the germ has processed, so the body can expel it.

So! By germ theory Sars-CoV-2 is poison right? This has been going around in truther circles for some time. If then they release a poison, how will they do it? The CIA playbook would say, spray the food, or the people, both work!

If you control the food supply, then this would be easy right? And the Deep State does control all the big business food supply!

In China the answer was to spray sterilizer on the people claiming it was to reduce the spread! The question is was it sterilizer? What are they doing in China today? At the beginning of the plandemic, the spread was way to quick world wide, for it to be any other method than poisoning the food!

Listen folks! if you tell sheep that the water is poisoned, even they know it is about PPM of poison in the water. Snake venom? in water? Poison does not reproduce poison, the snake produces it. You can be killed with an injection, it will not duplicate on it’s own! If there was any other way to kill you with venom, the snake could simply spit on you! he could kill you from a distance. And it is so, with the 2 legged vipers.

It’s all about PPM! Without a large enough volume our bodies won’t even get sick! You will only get sick ingesting sufficiently undiluted poison, For the record ingesting poison that will only kill you if injected, will do nothing. If I am going to watch the water, I will worry about flooding, I might even find higher ground! The snakes come out of their tunnels during flooding or they parish! Get the Picture?

My point? If the Trolls can get you to say stupid things, without verification of fact, They can keep the sheep asleep. Even sheep know a lie, when they are starting to wake up! Be kind to your pet sheep! only feed them food that is good for them!

May God keep you, and Bless you!