When I was on the Homestead My breakfast consisted of a smoothie. That’s right! Most people that are working hard have a big breakfast, but I just wanted to get the system going.

More than that, I wanted to see what I needed, in case things got dark, After all that is what a preper does, He prepares.

Anyhow I would make up my rice milk, some peaches, a couple of raw eggs, and vola breakfast! That’s it guys! That is what this post is about, eating raw eggs.

When I was young, the way you treated a snake bite was to suck out the venom. A snake bite kit was not needed, however it was desirable because if you had a cut in your mouth you would not get poisoned. I was taught that snake venom was of the same makeup as egg whites.

So the question is:

In the water?

I am in the habit, and that must change! Of passing on information without to much thought. This conspiracy theory is beyond ridiculous, and I fell for it. We were led into it a few days prior with the, “watch the water!” Now I am back to the thought flooding the tunnels and underground structures. Sorry if I upset you with foolishness!

On that note has anyone reverse searched the image of the NYC subway yet? Just saying!

We need to think about, and research our Intel. Just because we got a prediction doesn’t mean we are not being setup.

Have a wonderful day! and may God bless!