Jesus confessed that the earth is alive. He said the rocks would confess his name! That I bring up for this discussion, it is important.

For reference, Dr Sherri Tenpenney is a good source of medical information, that I repeat in this post.

In my analogy, I will get into the spiritual, the body, and Creation. Like the title says, it’s confusing. The Bible says ask and it will be given you! This can be referenced to the saying “Watch what you ask for!”. It is believed by many that your thoughts (dreams) manifest into your future! The bible is more specific, you must speak it into existence, again, ask and you will receive.

History for this subject:

The Kazarians have gone by many names. here is a very small list of many names:

  • Kazarian Jew.
  • Kazarian Mafia.
  • Cabal.
  • Ukrainian.
  • Nazis.

They have been referred to as the Name stealers, because of their practices. We will just call them Nazis, for this discussion. It is difficult to discuss this subject without sounding political, but beleve me when I say I’m not! We are talking about health, and . . .

In The Beginning

We were told about viruses. We have found that the viruses were not viruses at all, but what are they? Latest reports are saying snake venom, Do your own search, this is not our topic, but relevant. We have also learned that cancer is caused by a virus! I would like to point out that Sherri talks about the roll of ‘T’cells in the fight of cancer. In a healthy body the immune system kills these rouge cells (This is my first point, so log it into memory).

So what makes up the immune system? When the invisible enemy, first makes it’s way into our body. Our body detects the intruder and alerts our army! Things can go wrong. The enemy can come in by first disabling our early warning system. This is akin to a stealth fighter. The germ is not recognized so you get sick, and the fight is on! It is said that mutation is the germs defense mechanism(something that the immune system sees with natural immunity). Just a simple note! the immune system is not what fights off poisoning. Liver, and Kidneys work to purify the system. If the poison kills the Liver and Kidneys it’s game over! We know this when we think of poisonous creatures. The way we fight poisons is with anti-poisons, neutralizing the poison to limit harm.

So what happened with the Plandemic?

First we must define, what is the pandemic! For this we must learn about the early warning! Adam and Eve were warned about the Tree of all good and evil that resided in the middle of Eden. Of course, with that observation, we are talking about Earths early warning system. Just the same, that is when the virus(poison) first entered the earth! From that time on the earth has been sick, with low energy levels, and less than optimal frequencies. Our definition of pandemic is world wide epidemic, and for this reason I think I am on target with my terminology!

For those that have had cancer, or other serious illness, You know there are only two ways to treat such things.

  • Eradicate the rogue cells.
  • Death

The ‘T’cells are the immune systems fighters. What happens when they are disabled? What happens is the cancer grows! The only way we have to fight off rogue cells, are our ‘T’cells. What appears to me to be the most frightening of all this are the parallels, of earth vs. human. Let me explain!

The stealth nature of sin that infected mankind! As man got infected, the sin morphed the man host. The earth was fully infected, but some crossed the line to become evil(evil injected mRNA into man who would accept the offer)! By injection that contained stealth, and poisonous agents to disable the immune system, so that it could morph the cells of the mankind. So the same evil has disabled, by lowering earths frequency, the immunity of the earth. What happened to the early warning system? (find this answer at the last of this post) You may also be asking how the earth has had it’s early warning system poisoned:


In modern times, WW2 did not have the outcome we were told! The Nazis were imported into the USA to further programs and research! All in all, 100 times as many war criminals got a free pass, than those that paid the price during the Nuremberg trials( Let’s call it Greed). Those evil people were imported with a program called Paperclip. It is my opinion of recent times, that had it not been for this program, the cold war would never have been a thing.

In the years, post war, the Nazis have infiltrated via Stealth the entire USA inc.. Just like a cancer. What followed were infections, in other countries, through false flags, taking place around the world. So it is, the Nazis have created cancers over the entire planet! When considering the parallels of the two plandemics, one being Cains family tree, and the other being the Cain inspired Covid-19 agenda, We can see the “gain of knowledge research” done by the Cain family, is inline and parallel with “gain of function research” by the same Nazi family tree.

To be clear, The alliance is fighting the battle! A battle that will eradicate every last evil soul. The people that have chosen to join forces with evil, will be no more! Until that objective is complete, the war will not be over. As anyone that has ever known a cancer victim knows. Until every last cell that has been infected is eradicated, the victory can not be declared. It is so for the battle we are in. The body(world) must be made whole!

To keep focused on the goal is important, and keeping the world you know informed as to what is happening is part of the battle. A large part of the cancer that has infected the world was the CIA’s agenda. Development of Mind Control under the CIA program MKUltra, is now practiced in all Main Stream Media outlets. This program resulted in our early warning system being canceled through misinformation. If your dreams and talk can create your future, it is time for you to examine the programming you call entertainment. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of the show, what matters is what you accept as normal! If you were to dream of the world as You want it to be, is their depiction of their world, what you want?

It is beyond my belief, that you want those dark worlds depicted in your entertainment videos. Put in your head the world you want to live in! Use your imagination, Tell people of your vision! Dream of, and pray for, the outcome of the war against evil, you want, and tell the people you know!

If the words coming out of your mouth becomes your reality. isn’t it best to make positive your future?

May God bless you, and keep you!