When I read a warning about the 18th, it reminded me of the 18th of April 1978. In that year, the previous month was full of false flags, and the 18th was the climax of a long month of anticipation. My frustration was proof, waiting on Gods timing was not in my makeup. While waiting for the delivery of our love package, I prayed everything would be OK! So when everything was fine, that moment marked the greatest joy in my life!

That was then, this is now! What strikes me so similar is we are being warned of a false flag event. I can see in many of the people I know, what I was going through in 1978.

When do they say this event will be? The 18th of April. I keep reminding myself, when dates and times are given, it is likely misinformation.

However I looked at the sources, and took a moment to learn something, I had not looked into before!

Let me say this! The MSM has been setting up the narrative for a false flag involving Russia. Yes I know, Russia, Russia, Russia. I have spent uncounted hours calming down people on the Ukraine/Russia story! Frankly I am getting tired of it! If people would shut the TV off, and start doing some research!! People of the world! Wake Up! Learn the truth, and you can quit worrying.

Don’t tell me You don’t know where to look! If your reading my blog, you are learning where to look. I keep telling you! Some of the best links I have for information, come off Telegram channels.

I keep telling you that the app encrypts the data! You should be afraid using Twitter and Facebook, You are asking for trouble using those apps, But if you use Telegram for research, you have nothing to fear. I’m telling you the truth! If you think you don’t need to search for truth, You are part of the problem! That attitude got us here, and is getting military personnel killed world wide. The children, are being abused because we left others in charge of the World that should have been questioned! Why! Because we let someone else do it! And we didn’t ask enough questions!

  • Do you want to know if a pedophile is in your town?
  • Do You want to know what Corporations support Pedophilia?
  • Do You want to know who is behind Bio-weapons?
  • Do You want to know what Corporations feel it is OK to poison You?
  • Do You want to know you are being hypnotized every day?
  • Do You really care? There is something You can do to stop these things?

Don’t answer that! When you can’t open my reference links, and I tell you, you have to have Telegram to read them, That tells me everything!

This is getting long winded and I haven’t even come to the reason for this post. But before I do, you need to understand something.

If you ever needed to join a private club, you understand one of the reasons for such a club. They are considered private( you can talk about anything in a private setting). For this reason, some sites require you to join, because there are things that need to be said, so for legal status they must be private.

To watch the video I present here, you must join a club! No you don’t need to be special, Then again, wanting to know, makes you special.

We are going to talk about some history! Although you may have been told about the Looking Glass, You will need to be a part of the club to get the full story. Many of the things you hear about this artifact require you to know something about Quantum Mechanics to believe. Once you have read about quantum mechanics you can see it all around you! The below two pictures are my understanding of this explanation in your universe.

Very simply the study of waves explains most, if not all, of what happens in the universe! The room looks full of white light, but at the edge of the shadow, the light is divided into waves of color from the slit, Yes the LEDs have an angle of light that acts like slits in a wall. read about quantum mechanics or watch a few videos to understand. This condition stands out in this example, but you will see it when all LEDs are the same color.

Back on track, What seems to matter most in this age, is to understand, that the people that want to hurt you, do believe in the Looking Glass, and, what they have seen with it. That should be enough motivation, for you to look into the subject. I can tell you, that is what it took, to open my eyes, and research( it is important to know your enemy)! The looking glass is based on the theory that there are many parallel universes. Now I have given you an introduction, to this most important video, that gives a warning, and insight to much of what we don’t understand today! Along with the warning, comes the option of a wonderful outcome as well. All depends on how we deal with the pending false flag. According to the guardians, we are looking at April 18, I told you before all things in Gods time! Dates usually come with false information, but to err on the side of caution, I send this to you! I personally think this info is moot! I believe the battle has already been won!

May God bless You, and keep You!