When I started to understand that I was born into a prison, with walls that weren’t there. That I had only been taught my limitations, well, OK, I was also re-engineered to not understand my true situation. When I started to see things, the only way to explain what I had been in, was that I was living a dream!

As I woke up into reality, I was still surrounded by the lie! But I found that I was not alone. I found that there were many people waking up! It struck me funny, that some had been awake for a long time, but I saw my past as normal, how did they know? That was until I started down what is known as rabbit holes. As with most people that become awake, I first jumped in holes that I could see the bottom, later on I had become an adventurer jumping with a para-shoot.

The only thing I am almost confident in, is where I was born, and even that, I have questioned. For certain I have left my mark on this lifetime! Both good, and bad. What I can tell you is I keep jumping! The lies are getting exposed, and I am beginning to understand why the world is, as it is. I am learning every day, that some rules have been made, only serving to keep us sleeping! From that point of view, I jump from an “academic” point of view. I don’t search to find why I should believe, but rather to find truth, so I can confirm ,or reject what I believe to be true. In kind, I will present these discoveries to you, that you too, can question your beliefs, and understandings. Make no mistakes, the time to choose what you believe will soon pass, and you will have to wake to an alarming revelation!

This post starts the way it does, only as a reminder that I am presenting what I have found interesting, not that I believe all that I am writing. Only that it is interesting and I have considered it. It is true however that you will be able to see my leaning after you have read in full. If you read my last post some of the basis of my thoughts are along these lines.

Some people in this world believe in reincarnation. Others feel it is a one shot, your done! Others believe that you get the rewards for your confessions, or the lack there of, in the after life(punishment or reward). Depending on what belief you have, I am at the end of my life, or ready for punishment/ reward, or ready for the “Here We Go Again moment”. To be quite honest with you, the only thing I am certain of at this time, is the things I have done, based on the lies I was taught! That is the whole of it, in one sentence.

The other option that has had the most cover-up through out history, is the discussions of Source, ETs that live in an invisible world called 5D and above. Source, is the source of all creation, or the “Creator Source”, And the ETs, or Angels. In this universe, We inhabitants of the earth, are spirit beings living in a human body. In which as spirit beings, are one with the Creator(God within us)! This strikes such a similar cord with the stories of creation, It must be explored with thought, and serious consideration.

Let me explain some of my reasoning:

In the Christian world, You live and die! Then You, based on your faithful confession and life, are born again, based on the above timeline, and confession.

Considering that so many teachings today say the earth planet, can’t support the population that it has! Where does that put us when all those souls are risen again, all of them alive, in heaven, and hell! Will the ship sink? And is there then a future of bliss for the faithful when the earth is so crowded?

Enter in the teaching of re-incarnation! This easily would explain that in the after life, the numbers on earth would not explode. But if this is true teaching, then how has the world population exploded as it has in our life time? Do you see the problem with these teachings?

The third teaching is, You live, You die, End of story! For the thinking man, how can you argue? When considered with the lies we have been taught, this can’t be argued nor can the other two options. However intelligent design disproves this theory as well.

Are the Lies told us to keep the truth hidden? Well that is the reason for all lies, isn’t it?

The cry of truthers today is, “When you Know, you Know”, so let’s consider the fourth option, shall we?

We will only discount the “big bang theory”! We have to! There are just to many holes in it!

We will accept that we are living in a lie! This will leave us open to search for truth!

We will consider Creation, with Source and a spirit world. As a side have you heard of draconian measures? How about stories of Dracula the blood thirsty devil? So we agree, we believe influences from the Draconian’s exist in our history, right? After all our language testifies of this truth.

As we have been taught, there is a battle between good and evil! So, if there is evil, there is good, and that means there are ETs that are good! This fact opens up the theory that;

  • God Source is!
  • Spirits exist!
  • Teachings say that we can be filled with the Spirit of God Source!
  • That as God is spirit, We were created in Gods image!

So if we are created in the Spirit image, we are spirit beings! and we create spirit beings. We are being told by the ETs of the spirit world that we are incarnate beings as well. This in part takes care of the problem with over crowding of Earth over time, thus the future is great!

How then has the population grown so large?

You can do a DuckDuckGo search for “Star Seeds” for more information on this topic. This Rabbit hole is to deep, for this discussion already .

A study of this topic can answer why the eugenic population of the few, want to kill you! And why they have chosen the methods they have. But this answer will only come to light after you are awake sufficiently. Here is an overview!

  • The evil ones knew and were warned of this time! I believe the Bible clearly states this is the time!
  • The evil one understands the increase in population is likely because of the star seeds entering the world, it is not just an increase of souls, or spirit beings.
  • On this topic, the star seeds are wakening with an increase of frequency on the earth, this increase is called ascension.

According to the teaching, the star seeds, or Light workers, are no more, they have blossomed and become star blossoms. They are helping those still asleep to wake up to truth!

This teaching is a stretch for those still asleep, but must be considered to put lies to rest! I am not telling you, you are wrong, I am not telling you what to believe, God gave you free will! What I am saying is until you dispel all the lies you have been taught, You will not be fully awake!

Further, I will tell you that if your faith tells you to Judge, and does not consider Gods gift of free will, You may well be following a lie! The one truth I know is, I have been lied to all my life! With this knowledge I am sure the same goes for you!

May God keep You!