You Love him, or you hate him. I will leave you to your own devices, However If you make up your mind without some knowledge, your opinion has no value!

I have almost two years of deep diving under my belt, I am sure that counts for something. To be fair, Had there not been a release of the Bio-weapon Sars-cov-2, I may still be asleep. I will give you an over view of what happened and why! I will give you some links that may or may not make a ripple in your opinion, but I will try!

Understanding how deep this all goes, is the only way for you to “get it”. The people behind what is going on. Every nation around the world is affected by them, and You are only getting a little post on a blog. If you question what I say I will give you some truths to back up my opinion, but you will have to give it some of your time to be convinced.

This story goes back to Adam and Eve.

It should go back even further, but I will limit my story to that! Adam and Eve had two sons, Cane and Able, Able’s heart was in the right place, full of love, and the Lord recognized him for his motives. Cane on the other hand was one of those people that just wasn’t right upstairs, and Cane not only was unhappy that God didn’t accept his offering (likely because it wasn’t heart felt), however Cane didn’t look inside to correct his ways, he blamed someone else. As a result he took out vengeance on the one he blamed, and killed him. Far from the end of the story!

Even today we find people who must blame others for their short comings. It is a saying today that, if you want to change the world, You must change yourself first. Back on track! Cains descendants didn’t learn! They still blame humanity, as a whole, for their condition. It has been said that these people are the Khazarian Jew Mafia(KM). There home, now named Ukraine.

Other names for the KM are:

  1. The evil Khazarian Mafia.
  2. The Khazarian Jew.
  3. name stealers
  4. The Deep state.
  5. The Cabal.
  6. And by Donald J. Trump, the invisible enemy.

The long history of these KM family members, as you can see above, go back for all of recorded history. They have financed almost every wars in all of history. The have learned how to get their way, they passed down what they have learned to their offspring through the generations. Blood sacrifice is one way they keep control of their puppets, through black mail, and threats of life. It is said that they were the ones that crucified the Christ. They were behind the Holy wars. They replaced the Royal families with their own. They financed both sides of most wars. Their people have run London City, The Vatican, and Yes if country leaders were against their plans, they instigated color revolutions to plant their own loyal puppets. Yes, one of the triad Cities is Washington DC.

The KM has placed most of our politicians, and these politicians rule for the KM, not the people (does that answer any questions for you?).

You may ask how did they do this?

The deep state establishes mouth pieces to convince people what they want, what the Cabal desires. Remember I told you that the Royal family is a fake? Although I will only cite some instances, I hope I cite enough of them.

Before I destroy one of my references, I want to say that I believe Revelation is directed to this evil sect. It seems quite clear that that book, was written with a warning about making any change to it. But, If you already know what is going to happen to you, because of your evil ways, such a warning is, well. It’s almost like warning someone that tried to kill you, that they should not track your cell phone, because, well, it is against the law! Why, I ask is this concept so hard for people to understand?

Back to what I was saying! The Bible was written to unite believers of many faiths. It had to have enough truth from all religions to achieve that directive. What is important to remember is an apostle is supposed to be a witness. Why then were the books not written till long after the witnesses were long dead and gone? That was roughly 300 AD

Remember I said I was going to destroy the reference? The Canon(King James Bible) was commissioned by a King James, a member of the Cabal! It was commissioned for the purpose of controlling the masses. Can You say Cabal mouthpiece?

For every generation there has been a mouthpiece. Be it a Canon like the bible! a newspaper! A radical on a soap box! A school system! Management training! A Magazine! Radio! Tell-a-Vision, complete with channeling and programming! All with specially worded messages to steer the masses,to get the desired result.

For sure you have heard of MKUltra(mind control ultra) brought to you by the CIA, that you thought was your friend, but is a NATO organization. Maybe You heard of Nazi! Those scientists were imported to continue their MKUltra experiments into the USA.

  • With the deep state teaching you everything you ever knew!
  • With the Deep State financing every war(Both sides).
  • With the media telling you what the deep state wants you to believe.
  • With the Deep state financing, and staging false flag events!

All this with an agenda so evil, had it not been for the Internet, and a movement started during JFK’s term in office, You would be begging this very day, for the USA to go to war with Russia! Because it is obvious, to those that have been searching, that is the agenda the Deep State is pushing.

How do we know this is a True statement?

  • Ukraine never applied to the UN to become an independent Country!
  • That means Ukraine is still a state of Russia!
  • Russia has every right to correct problems in Ukraine as a police action.
  • Note that the Ukrainian army are the ones killing their own people.
  • Image reverse searches on the images in most news articles are from past skirmishes in other countries(not Ukraine).
  • There are testimonies of humanitarian Aid delivered to Ukrainian people, from Russia, to lessen the impact of what is being done in Ukraine.
  • If the truth is not being spread by the MSM (Main stream Media), it is obvious that the Cabal does not want you understanding what is going on in Ukraine, therefore it is also obvious they want a war to cover the bad press about the Jab, and the truth about their puppets.

What is happening in Ukraine?

Putin continually told the heads of state of Ukraine to stop Bio-weapon development, and close the labs. They refused. Against international law Uranium was being spun in Ukraine. Child trafficking was big business in Ukraine supplying the Cabal’s hunger for Adrenachrome, and under age prostitution, at the hands of the Biden crime family, and other US politicians involved in this sick and evil practice. Putin could not allow these practices, him having any kind of soul.

If you believe that those fighting Bio-weapons, and Human trafficking are the good guys. Then you have labeled Putin a good guy correctly!

On the other hand If you don’t think those fighting Human trafficking are good guys, you are needing an adjustment, Or maybe, you are on the Kill list!

You will need Telegram to watch anything with it is well worth the install!