I leave all the pages with stuff I want to remember open. In doesn’t mater if it’s my phone, or computer. But as time goes on, the memory becomes loaded and the machines slow down! When that happens I start my day going over the pages I have open and make a choice what is no longer valid or up to date enough to keep.

Let’s call it house keeping, maybe in this case spring cleaning.

The March we should all remember is almost over. The US Dollar is defunct. The gold back currency is becoming King for international exchange, and the clean-up is coming to a close. Notice I didn’t say done. Most of us believe that Satan and his Mafia is being forced in a corner as we speak. The tunnels all lead to the same place, and they are being destroyed (For those that are wondering why one place is kept for last this may answer a question for you!). One of these days very soon, child sacrifice will be a thing of the past! Praise be to God and the light alliances!

I am getting myself ready for the great rebuild! As I was saying to those close to me, What will we talk about, and do when it is all over? It occurred to me, as I was cleaning out the pages I had saved, as reminders, that this one video, was likely perfect for today! In it it shows to all of us, we are not alone. It explains that mankind would rather look to the future, than look at the past, and that lessons were forgotten or hidden!

I was taught as a young lad to learn from the past to avoid a repeat in the future. I know that this it a true teaching, that at the time I didn’t understand. I also know there are those given to history. What I also know is many are given to rebuild after atrocities, like what we are living today!

I am confident that as we rebuild, enough people will remember, that we will be guided by those that do remember, so to rebuild with different intent, and spirit, so that our families future, will not end in the same evil way, without evil influence! I also hope that as we rebuild we consider in our minds, not rebuilding as things were, but as they should be! An exercise, that should be on everyone’s mind, as they consider the future.

I know that my ramblings are a curiosity to many. The words I put down on paper, are useless without the thoughts of others. My opinions have been developed over time, and you, may be seeing my work for the first time. The way I view, and talk to others, have been formed by many, wise people, and I, am just a compilation of their thoughts, and writings. As such this video will help you understand where I am, right this very moment, in my thoughts, and actions.

I am hoping by presentation, that you will consider, and look at others, with an understanding heart! With the desire to help them understand what we all have been through. To help them become whole again. It has been hard for all of us, but for them the journey will have just begun, at a much faster rate, therefore more painful than what we endured!

Now for current affairs!

By many sources, I am convinced that This video is the real deal! It should lift the spirits of everyone. There is a reason that “And We Know” is a popular truth source!

May the Lord keep you!