I noticed that many viewers are looking to me to make some kind of sense out of things! So when I first heard about DuckDuckGo becoming another Deep State asset. When I found that Telegram is now taking down posts because they didn’t fit their terms of service. I set out to come to grips with it.

First I will cover DuckDuckGo.

I learned a long time ago that most all search engines use the deepest darkest search engine that ever existed for their search results. That search engine (Google), that most truther people have turned away from because they are no longer reliable, or honest, if they ever were! The way the game is played, one has to wonder if they could be denying service to the other engines, if they don’t hide some things. I don’t know, but I have been thinking about this scenario for quite some time.

But there is more!

Just like I can tell you what I am thinking. So it is true for everybody! If you take the time to share your information with the world, the search engines may list your thoughts on their results, even if it shows up on page 10.

That said those so-called “fact checkers” that are paid to feed dis-information to the world can buy first page listings on search result, and that is what I believe is taking place.

So let’s talk about fact checkers, shall we?

When the Chynha Virus hit the news, we were told on the media that China was fighting with a disinformation campaign. We didn’t understand what was taking place! China’s government had the power to sensor information so they did.

In short order, the Media of the cabal started spreading disinformation about the details of the plandemic that got the fear going around the world.

But there was a group of thinking doctors, and others with good information that started publishing information that debunked the entire narrative! If people started listening to, these professionals, that would not play their game, the game would be over! All that planning would go down the drain, if they were not stopped, so they tried.

What planning you ask?

The game book spelled out the plan. For those not familiar with that play book, this is the one I am talking about [ Covid-19 the Great Reset ]. The dis-information campaign was on it’s way!

Now, many people are either dead, dying, or deathly sick with a future of fighting for their lives in large part because of these “fact checkers”! Those of us that started our searches early on, have an advantage. We were able to get information with a simple search on DuckDuckGo, But it appears that the same searches from 6 months ago, get quite a different result today, when you search things that we have said to you. More about this later.


Seems I am seeing posts that are taken down, due to service violations! Because I can’t see the post taken down I don’t know why it was taken down. I could speculate, and because that is what I do! Let me say that this could be for many reasons.

I like to believe that Telegram is removing threats on the lives of leaders ! Maybe even removing Cabal communications. It may be that because the masses are getting angry enough to post very bad stuff.

We may find the same could happen on Truth Social if proper vetting is not preformed( but isn’t that also a form of censorship?). It could be, but still I think it necessary to make a platform that serves good. If you haven’t noticed I don’t allow comments on this Blog! If you saw some of the disruptive comments, that could lower the value of our message, you would start to understand why I do it.

Final thoughts!

In the Bible, we find the warning that there will be a time that it will be to late to come home! I think it is getting close to that time! If I tell you something, it is getting harder to vet what I say, this is a problem for you! If you can’t verify the statements of the truthers, You will have to take our word for it. If you found believing hard before, You may find it impossible now!

The only thing I can tell you, is if the “fact checkers” led you astray with the “death shot demic”, you should have learned that if they say something different than we do, you can discount what they say. You should have learned!!!

Time is short!