No, it would be boring to share all of this websites stats. But I would like to share one of them with you.

I have been noticing that many of my viewers are using Linux. This fact let’s me know, I have a crowd of visitors concerned with safety! I am actually getting 3 times the Linux users compared to all versions of the MS product Windows. I will tell you I am a little amazed by that number. I am also amazed by the number of robots that visit my site! Why? Because I have no meta data, and I have the site settings set to tell robots not to list the site(they do it anyway! No problem!). People running sites typically want their sites listed, I made the choice to let nature take it’s course. If this site will grow, and it has, it would grow on it’s merits not gaming the search engines with words that the robots list because the content is worded to get the rating numbers up. This is to sell products (not my intent).

Maybe someone could tell me why so many of my visitors have an unknown OS. These may be robots, but they are not listed as such. I have an idea but don’t want to speculate!

Anyhow, because I noticed the large number of Linux users (if you don’t know already, I get country data, and OS info. That is about all I know about you), I began wondering if more people would be using Linux if they knew Linux is designed to be secure. The other question I have is if unknown OS is a group of people using VPNs. If that is true, then I commend my viewers, for doing what is a necessity today to stay safe!


I started using Ubuntu Linux in 2008 and have been using it ever sense. In 2009 I started installing it for others in their windows machines. You see, just because you bought or were given a windows machine does not mean you can’t install Linux. To be honest it is not that hard to do. It just requires a willingness to try something new to you.

I only bring it up because people that come to this site, realize that what they have been taught over their entire life has been lies, and are willing to listen to something new. Simply put, you are not asleep any more!