You might say I am late on the uptake. However I think it is prudent to say we have been at war for quite some time.

What I am going to talk about is one of the consequences of war, Wars create debt. When I was young I was told something like this!

Well it’s time for another war because it will revive the economy! Any one else get told that?

The statement makes no sense! Well that is unless you understand that war is a cover to restart the economic system, after the years of criminal actions of the Cabal. Then it is understood how it works!

We really are in a war, some call it world war3, well everyone that has their eyes open, and their ear to the ground!

We who have studied know that the elite criminals sponsor both sides of a war, so they can’t loose and ultimately though debt slavery gain great wealth in the outcome!

This war is different, this war is the people against the elite, and they aren’t financing both sides. It has been called the war against “the invisible enemy”. You might ask what is the invisible enemy? Well it isn’t a virus, no the virus is one of the weapons. Understand the enemy is the elite that have tried through history, to hide in the background!

The army of ours, is the army of digital solders, white hats, and the light alliance. As we are waking up, we are joining the army, and doing what we can to expose the truth, the elite have been trying to keep secret for thousands of years.

We are Winning!

That is the good news! However there will be casualties, and that is the bad news. It is typical the looser, looses all! This includes Their possessions, and much of the time, their lives. Because of the crimes against humanity, and war crimes in general. They will pay in the tribunals with their lives, of this I am sure.. To be clear, I would be disheartened If I heard these evil ones walked, when this is over!

To say world war three, implies the world is involved in the events taking place. For the first time in my life, the battles were not instigated as in the past. This war is evil against good. The first release was biological in nature, then cyber in nature. The alliance was formed because the war was foretold, We the resistance had time to prepare. I believe everything happening is connected, and all actions, are part of the strategy.

Now about the collateral damage, the damage that innocents pay, during times of war.

If the elite loose all, that includes those that use some of the same tools for gain, as the elite! The New York stock Exchange, de-listed Pfizer, one of the big gainers in the war. All things will come out in all the corporations involved in the war, that most people were unaware of. These stocks will tumble as the owners or CEOs pay the price for their actions. The innocents that have invested in these corporations, that have no idea of what was done by the companies, will suffer collateral damage. Many of the corporations will not recover! Why? Because when it is over, the survivors will not do business with them, after they find their trust was betrayed. That of course, is based on the assumption the company even survives to begin with.

To make my point! Pfizer has real problems! they are only one of the first public displays of failure. News like that link will follow!

My question for all those in the Markets! Do you know all the things the companies in your portfolio are involved in? I understand that most, if not all, fortune 500 companies are involved criminally with the elite. I would hope that information is wrong, we will see.