When I was a child I had my hands in everything! Literally everything! I took things apart that were given to me. I can tell you from experience that that is most kids. I don’t like seeing things I give to others taken apart, but I only need look within, to understand that I too, wanted to know what was inside, and how it works. The toy was worth more to me apart, than together, I was learning!

Even today I take things apart that have fallen out of service before I discard it!

Study, and research is necessary to understand the world around us. Originally I was all about mechanical understanding. After the internet, I quit taking things apart to try and guess what made them work, and moved on to reading others analysis on my points of interest.

Seems if You limit yourself to one point of view, Your view is very limited, and rife with errors. No matter what your field of study, Your view likely will be obstructed with bias.

It seems that one source, and one view, has lead to closed minds. In my mind, a Quality and worthy teacher, is one that teaches one subject with many, many, sources ( we have very few Quality teachers).

The idea of education is to teach a student to think, right? Well! It is a nice thought, but evidence shows public schools are about the experience. When We were home schooling our young one, I was constantly ridiculed because my child was not getting the social experience. In this day and age, when everything has gone wrong, we now know that the social experience is social brain washing. Education should never be about fitting in, or memorizing things, It should be about growing! And of course learning how to prove what your told.

Oh, I won’t forget to tell You what I tested positive for! I need to rant before I get there.

The involvement of the infamous CIA in social media, and it’s intended purpose, has given social platforms a bad rap(maybe only those that they have had their hands in). The quality of people left on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, could turn a cold hardened Killer away! You can use their bought off fact checkers on My statement if you want. Those fact checkers will tell you I just spread false information. WHAT DO I CARE, AFTER ALL, I TESTED POSITIVE!!!

I spent all night trying to figure a way to make my point, and tell You what was on my mind, but Janet just made it easier!

I am familiar with Janet’s work, and when I found her on Telegram I joined her channel ASAP! I am so glad that all the people that I have followed through this time, have Telegram channels, it truly is a one stop quality information shop! At the risk of beating a dead horse to death! Telegram is important to anyone that does not want to be bamboozled by the deep state! So much information from so many sources! Unbelievable! I am thinking that Truth Social is going to emerge on top When they get it fully opened up, but today? It’s Telegram!

Two links from Janet, first one brought me to the second one, that I can share even if your not on Telegram. That is how it works! At least in this case.


I am testing Positively depressed, see why below in the links!

I know the Cabal will fall, but I can’t get reality out of my head! I watched two links yesterday and couldn’t grasp the state of influence the Cabal has of people world wide! Then I found something that spelled it out, however that will have to be another post.

If You feel I misled You with my test, consider this:

  • When it comes to COVID-19, It is an agenda, not a disease!
  • There is a bio-weapon called Sars-cov-2(a spike protein, now the VAXXed are factories for it)!
  • No Virus has ever been Isolated(double meaning DYOR)!
  • No test can be calibrated without a sample(that simple)!
  • The inventor of the PCR test says, the test won’t work as a test for a disease!
  • Before you can be tested for a disease, Doctors must diagnose Your symptoms(No such thing as asymptomatic spreading)!

For the record: Three years ago I would not have feared what you would have thought, by bringing you in with a title about testing positive! If You are feeling duped, because you got the death shot! I too feel Your pain! I have herd heard that It may be helpful to use the same protocols people are using to stay healthy, so they don’t get infected! I am only telling you what I have herd heard, I am not a Dr., Honestly, If I were I would not tell You, Doctors that are pushing this agenda are criminals, and I would no longer associate with them.

But here is another thing: If you say you have had Covid-19, You, not only have been duped into taking a dangerous medical procedure, You are spreading the lie!!! You are encouraging others to do the same with your testimony(fix your belief system)!

Because transmission (think STDs) is a thing with this bio-weapon, You can get sick from the VAXXed. So You need to take care, and keep your system strong! Just remember that the main way that sars-cov-2 is spread today is with the needle!, and people who have received freely, are more than happy to tell You! Give them wide berth to avoid infection!

Just a side note:

It has been discovered that the Graphine in the COVID-19 VAXX is now in some Flue VAXXes. Like the sars virus(?), the low mortality rate should keep you from the VAXX for flue as well!