When I talk to people about the Trucker convoy, this is the image! As well it should be.

Although Canada started the convoy concept, making them a first! Many other convoys have taken the streets around the world. In the US one starts on the 23rd.

Much to some peoples dismay, I am not going to write today about the convoy, but about something much more important! I’m going to write about how You are watching history unfold.

But I am talking about two different things when I say that!

  1. We know this is something that will go in the history books, so it is big enough to make it into the history books. Right?
  2. But there can be what is written, and what really happened. We must remember that the winner writes the history books.

I don’t care what dictator You talk about, They were not elected even if there was an election. Stalin was quoted having said It doesn’t matter who You vote for, It matters who counts the vote!

  1. Trudeau was installed not voted in ( just like our Biden in the US and other countries around the world).
  2. The one world forum has called in their military (the UN troops) to enforce Trudeau’s tyrannical rule! (Military take over).

I hate to say this but! The Truckers in Canada started something the Canadian People have no choice but to finish. You can not Walk away, or this is what the History books will say!

While Trudeau was president of Canada, the people staged a takeover. The then acting president pleaded with the UN to send in troops to squash the takeover.

Of course We know that would be a lie but, that will only be written if Trudeau doesn’t burn all the books, like Hitler did. According the the NWO the plan is to only leave 500,000,000 people on the planet. Those 1/2 Billion will be slaves, with no reason to learn anything but the Job they have assigned to them.

Make no mistake, Trudeau is an acting puppet for the NWO!

Let’s rewind a little, shall we?

All the way to 2016, well We could go back to 1963 or earlier, but 2016 is a better place for Me to start! In the US The visual awakening started with the first actual elected President in many, many, many years.

Because Hillary was not placed as president of the US, she could not destroy the world with a nuke as was planned, but that is what the NWO had in mind! Trump worked hard at reversing what the Deep State had put in place to depopulate the world. He also worked hard to unite the whole world, to finally put down the Deep State, thus Returning our Freedoms world wide! This is why the world Loves D.J.Trump, They can see what Trump has done.

It is fair to say, the only ones that don’t Love him are

  • Those that have something to hide
  • Those that have been brainwashed by the Main stream media using MK Ultra techniques learned from Our CIA criminals.
  • Those that know they will hang for their crimes against humanity, and Treason.

When I say You are watching history! You are seeing how, many dictators in history got their powers. But this history event is different. Because those people fighting the swamp will die before they allow evil to continue!

I tell You the Truckers and protesters around the world, are real live heroes!

  • You could sit on Your bump and benefit from what they are doing for Mankind.
  • You can support with the fiat currency you have in the Central Bank Systems Bank.
  • You can Start a Walk wearing a Tin Foil Hat Like We are doing, handing out flyers.
  • You can strike and do a “walk out” for a week! Read my last post if Your worried about losing Your job. Not only does Your employer need You! They will not find a quality replacement!

I think it safe to say, when most of Us was first moved to act. Our first thought was to fight! Later We learned that violence was the way of the Devil, and We are fighting a war of good vs. evil!!

God’s law, or common law says You have done no crime if, You have done no person, or their property any harm. Let that sink in for a minute! All of Gods army is moving in Love! No pillaging, no violence, simply letting it be known that Gods people are Praying, and showing the world They are asking for Gods intervention against Evil!

If You haven’t noticed, The evil actors are scared out of their combat boots. They are acting out, as their god Satan has taught them! But their god Satan can’t protect them from the wrath of God the Creator!

What I am saying to You!

Go fourth in Peaceful Protest! Not lifting a hand against the foe, as God Creator’s law is most important in this fight! It is promised, if You follow Him, He will put down those that do harm to You! Offer Your foe Your other cheek.

The Winner of this battle is predetermined!!!


May God Bless!