About the Tin Hats. We did some talking with people in the stores. Believe me there are a bunch of Canadians in Yuma AZ in the winter months.

I was talking to one of them(Canadians), in the store and told him it was all the Canadian Truckers fault! Another Canadian that didn’t hear the full discussion looked at Me and told Me those were fighting words! How could I argue? I explained that the Canadian truckers started a revolution and I was proud of them. Well the tension was lost at that very moment.

What I have found is almost all Canadians here agree that Trudeau is a Commie, and not fit to rule anywhere! I explained that all Patriots feel the same about our leaders around the world.

Real Patriots feel that way, no exceptions! What I am saying is, those that are not for Us, are against us! If a wage is keeping Union truckers supplying Big box stores, they are supporting Communism. If those self declared Patriots will not give up a week or two of income for the cause, they are not Patriots. I am talking to everyone reading this, We should all be doing our part, no matter what You do for a living!!! Just don’t work next week, Join the Truckers as they go Across the USA by not working for as long as they don’t, Let’s get this fixed!!! In the end the number of days lost will not equal the days these commies will take from You!!!

Let Me explain!

If Your Boss tells You He will fire You, and replace You, No Real Patriot will take Your Job! We will be along side of You Protesting, And Your Commie counter parts, are to busy collecting assistance to consider working.

This will all end, When We say no more !!! Not one minute before.

Many ways are available to protest! I am going to show You what people around the World are doing. Passive as it is, it is putting fear into those that thought they had it under control! Remember we are winning!!!

A Quick Note:

If You still are not on telegram with the version downloaded from the telegram site, You may not be able to open these links. Get the real truth, without censored content by downloading and installing Telegram, the uncensored version. Nuff said, You want to know, or You like the dark, Your choice!

The Fear is Real!! https://t.me/ArchiveAnon/1190

For a Unified Voice world wide!!! https://t.me/ArchiveAnon/1192

There Has been a great Awakening! People are finding their way back to the Lord in Mass!!

As many as are following this movement, We understand it is Biblical! Don’t fail to act! Time is short.