Let’s do some math shall we?

We know that according to research only 1 to 10% of the adverse effects are reported, right?

That said numbers are important! Understanding what experts are saying is also important!

Details are also important and it is said that as much as 50% of the injections may be placebos, but still!

Let’s look at the latest data:

So let’s try to figure out how many people got the Placebo. It is likely that if You went to the medical system with a reaction to the shot, you got the real thing, so lets add it together!

If you correct the miss reporting that is not questioned by anyone!

119,454urgent care
173,802Doctor office visits
13,983Bell’s Palsy
12,314Heart attacks
43,476Permanent disability
5,641low platelet
27,306life threatening
39,782severe allergic reaction

If you correct the reporting error, You can add One or two zeros to the total! Dr. Michael Yeadon hasn’t offered much hope for those that got the shot, Nor has Dr. Sherri Tenpenney. Both who have given dire news to those who have been injected. (added after publication) It should be noted that the VAERS data base does not update cases. They don’t change the original report. This means that if you went to Your doctor with a problem and He/She reports the case, that is how Your data stays on the database. If later You die You will not be a death statistic. If your condition requires hospitalization after that first report your case is not updated. What this means is accuracy is not reported, nor desired on the reporting of this Shot!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!

Now for my “Tin hat” statement! With known treatments, things look very dismal. However we can hope for the Alliance and medbeds for a cure. There is a count down for the take down of the Cabal. Still many more people will die because of the Vaxx before it is over. Pray for a quick take down of the Draconian and evil government leaders that are pushing the Vaxx!