Not much information in that title! However it means a lot! It means 3 count downs one is four days and counting, the others are three days and counting.

You may not know this, but there are three countdowns over the next 4 days. One of the ones we are talking about is the Trucker Convoy in the US. This count down is on 4 . . . and starts rolling on the 23rd of the month of Feb. You can support it at this website. The Truckers in Canada are suggesting a 7 day walk out. Do I think it is a good idea? Yes I do! Why? Because if we don’t fix this it will hurt Everyone more to fail, than One weeks wage! That is the honest truth!

The second count down is to a reveal. Yes you should be curious. As the saying goes among Truthers! When You Know, You Know! Learn more Here! The Only way I know to reject or accept something, is to hear the person out!

The last of the Count downs, I leave a secret! What I will say is, You should be ready for it! Back up anything to do with phone data, computer data. If the data is important to You! What comes to mind is Cloud data that so many use today. I don’t store on the Cloud, but many do! The Truckers are saying have food! Have water! Have fuel! All the above is important for Your well being, so take heed, and cover your ars. And have your batteries for your EBS radio!

Just Saying!